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Just adopted a Rott/Great Dane/?Weim mix? Wonderful but afraid he's a one-person dog. Need him to bond w/ entire family?

Any suggestions? He sticks to me like glue but I would like him to hang out more with rest of the family, including family member who needs a…

ASKED BY Member 1105402 on 4/11/12
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Standard poodle temperament?

Hi I am considering getting a standard poodle and I was just wondering if anyone has one and what there temperament is l like and the whole…

ASKED BY Member 1082513 on 1/6/12
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Our red irish setter had puppies (8) last night 6 are solid black pups 2 pups are grey with uniform small black spots, w?

The mother is deep red, looks just like the dog in bush's baked beans commercials. I heard a rumor that a black dog was in the neighborhood a few…

ASKED BY Member 831138 on 4/28/09
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