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Can I change the name of a year old dog?

We just rescued a l yr. old dog (a Pugel). We don't like the name the previous owners used. Is it too late to change the puppy's name so he will…

ASKED BY Member 1245402 on 4/18/15
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Journey Rose

Skin tags or some kind of skin disease...or something else?

Hi everyone, I'm asking a question for a friend of mine, who has an 11 year old dachshund, named, Slinky. I saw Slinky about a week ago, right after…

ASKED BY Journey Rose on 9/15/14
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What does a cancerous skin tag around the mouth look like?

I have a 6yr old female mixed breed that has a couple of skin tags and I know they are nothing to worry about, generally... So last night I googled…

ASKED BY Member 1128644 on 8/31/12
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Small Sweet Stray Dog Needs Help: Does someone need a companion dog?

This morning, after the storm, I found a small dog that appears to have been abandoned. The dog is about the size of a terrier and seems to be very…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/20/12
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Minature pins?

my dog is a 9 year old min pin she is beginning to show problems with her hips well one hip getting up we arehelping her to get up and down from…

ASKED BY Member 1073838 on 11/28/11
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What happened to my photo captions?

I have plus still so that's not the prob. What happened is I went to photo manager and clicked on the decorate photo button to see what happens…

ASKED BY Cricket on 9/4/11
TAGGED picture, tags, gone, please, help IN Pet Page

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