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Swimming Collar - Plastic or metal buckle (quicksnap type)?

I'm getting a dog that loves to swim and dive and I'm planning to buy a secound collar just for swimming. I don't like chains and belt buckle type…

ASKED BY Member 1031287 on 3/27/12
TAGGED swimming, collars, buckle, plastic, metal, quicksnap IN Collars & Leashes

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How to teach my dog to swim?

We are about to move and the new house has a swimming pool, and i want my dog to swim with the family. She is a Black Lab, a breed who is known to…

ASKED BY Member 1024150 on 6/20/11
TAGGED moving, swimming, labs, baths IN Behavior & Training


Can i take my dog swimming at this waterfall/creek? Dead dew claw? Eye infection? HELP?

Hi everyone! It's Truffle here! My owner found this awesome creek on the weekend. Lots of people go there and swim:P Anyway, my owner was just worried…

ASKED BY Truffle on 11/11/10
TAGGED swimming, lake, eyeinfection, dewclaw IN Health & Wellness


Has your working dog ever come across the condition known as "swimmer's tail"?

Swimmer's Tail/Cold Tail is a condition that is caused by either too much swimming in an unconditioned dog, or by water temp. in creeks, lakes…

ASKED BY Ivey on 7/23/10
TAGGED lake, pond, swim, retrieve, tail, bottom, butt, rearend, crooked, swam, swimming IN Exercise


Is it safe to take a Jack Russell puppy on a water trip at 4 months old?

I have a river trip planned this weekend, I would really like to take my 4 1/2 month old JRT. To be more exact it is a tubing trip. She play with…

ASKED BY Amuse on 6/8/10
TAGGED water, swimming, puppy IN Travel & Recreation


Is there a beach that is dog friendly in Brick, NJ?

I saw a sign for a beach, Brick Lake I think it was called, in Bricktown NJ. Would love to take my dogs for a swim just not sure if they are dog…

ASKED BY Casey on 5/23/10
TAGGED beach, swimming IN U.S. Northeast

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