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How to help a dog that got big stones in her bladder?

She has a hard time going to the bathroom and she has poop that comes out when she pees

ASKED BY Member 1105074 on 4/9/12
TAGGED dog, bigstones, bladder IN Other Health & Wellness

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Pugalier has been throwing up every half hour to an hour today. White foam with clear liquid, one had stones in it?

I think he may have swallowed stones or a piece of fresh beef bone from the butcher. I have looked at his gums and felt and listened to his tummy, all…

ASKED BY Member 1064565 on 10/19/11
TAGGED swallow, bone, rocks, stones, vomit, bile, foam, white, frequent, pugalier, water, normal, behaviour, tired IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

Mesa Mijo

Small Mixed Breed dog has UTI, following recent surgery for Bladder stones.…

Border Terrier Chihuahua Mix, Mesa, has just been put on medication and special diet (w/d) for moderate Urinary Tract Infection. We found out about…

ASKED BY Mesa Mijo on 8/1/11
TAGGED uti, bladderstones, surgery, chihuahua, borderterrier, shelter, rescue IN Illness & Disease

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Bladder stones turning into potty training relapse?

My 8 year old Boston Terrier is on a dissolution diet to treat bladder stones. The food promotes urination. However, his urination behavior suggests…

ASKED BY Member 1041649 on 7/21/11
TAGGED bladderstones, urinaryhealth, bladder IN Other Health & Wellness


What the best food for dog who had calcium oxalate bladder stones?

I currently have him on Royal Canine Urinary S/O per the Vet but I want to know if there are any natural alternatives. Honest Kitchen?

ASKED BY Miko on 9/4/10
TAGGED bladderstones, calciumoxalate, royalcanineurinaryso IN Pet Food

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Quoted ($3000+) to remove bladder stones from our dog need affordable solution - York Co SC?

We saw our regular vet who referred us to ergency clinic $600 later we have meds, antibiotcs, non-steriodal anti-inflamatory, and Valium. Cath…

ASKED BY Member 971539 on 3/7/10
TAGGED bladderstonessurgeryclinicyorkcountyscaffordable IN Illness & Disease

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Anyone know a homemade diet for urate stone prone bulldog that is nutritionally viable on it's own?

Our bulldog, Angus, is prone to urate stones, the kind that is developed because of purines in the food. We've switched him to a lower purine blend…

ASKED BY Member 792974 on 1/16/09
TAGGED food, homemadefood, purines, urate, uratestones, bulldog, stones IN Homemade Food

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Is there a natural way to disolve bladder stones in a chihuahua without surgery? Dog has heart condition?

My long hair chihuahua is 9 yrs old, second time with bladder stones. Had 4 removed by surgery about 5 years ago, but cannot have surgery now because…

ASKED BY Member 782242 on 12/21/08
TAGGED chihuahuabladderstones, treatment, holistic, natural IN Health & Wellness

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