Dog with pot belly?

I'm just wondering, My 10 year old min pin mix has a very large belly, it feels very hard, it doesn't feel like fat at all, besides, her limbs are…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 5/30/14
TAGGED belly, bloated, old, potbelly, stomach IN Senior Pet


Soft Stools and Bad Gas…..Help?

I have a 14 mo old Weimaraner that has soft stools and bad gas. He has had soft stools and (on and off again) gas since I got him at 8 weeks old…

ASKED BY Oliver on 3/31/14
TAGGED loosestools, badgas, grainfree, sensitivestomach, raw IN Food & Nutrition

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PLEASE HELP!!! 3 mo old Boston with sensitive stomach and diarrhea :(?

I really need some help!!! I have a three month old boston terrier. The breeder was feeding him purina puppy chow. We transitioned him to Acana small…

ASKED BY Member 1209563 on 1/14/14
TAGGED boston, sensitive, stomach, diarrhea, runnypoop, puppyfood IN Pet Food

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The right side of my dog's stomach is hard. Is this a sign of something serious? Should i take her to the vet?

She is a 5 year old pekingese and not spayed. She grunts whenever i pick her up and has difficulty pooping.

ASKED BY Member 1197106 on 11/1/13
TAGGED pekingese, hardstomach IN Other Health & Wellness

Dutchess Roliena Skyvy

Why is my puppies stomach hard?

Saturday my puppies left side stomach swelled up and was hard. My parents said he was constipated and not to worry. The next morning it was back to…

ASKED BY Dutchess Roliena Skyvy on 2/27/13
TAGGED stomach IN Other Health & Wellness

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Jack Russell puppy has an abnormally large and bloated tummy?

This morning we got a baby Jack Russel, +- 8 weeks old and he was super small. However, 5 hours later his belly is looking ABNORMALLY large and…

ASKED BY Member 1155668 on 2/17/13
TAGGED tummy, stomach, bloated, fat, puppy, large, worms, overeat IN Puppies

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