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My Dog Shadow Ran Away Today if you live in Black Mountain NC and you have seen a black dog about three feet please cont?

My Dog Shadow Ran Away Today If You Live In Black Mountain NC and you have see a black dog thats about three feet tall please contact me by my…

ASKED BY Sampson The Protecter on 4/11/15
TAGGED lostdogstilllost IN Other Adoption & Rescue


How do you decide to put a dog down?

My dog just tore her ACL then hurt her other hind leg. We are considering putting her down but nobody wants to.. they say its for the best but is it…

ASKED BY Mya on 12/23/12
TAGGED why, do, pets, need, to, die, so, soon, she, is, still, young, i, love, my, poor, baby, please, keep, her, in, your, prayers IN Illness & Disease

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Chihauhua breech birth?

Our chihauhau gave birth to one pup. It came out backwards and did not survive. The mom seems to be okay. We will be taking he to the vet tomorrow. Is…

ASKED BY Member 1034759 on 5/23/11
TAGGED chihauhau, birth, stillbirth IN The Dogster Website

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

It has been over a week and still no Zealies?

I asked in a question about a week ago why I havn't gotten my zealies from winning the Photo caption contest and Someone said to just wait and see…

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 9/3/10
TAGGED week, has, passed, and, still, no, zealies IN Zealies & Gifts

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Tried all the things in my responce still dont know what to do regarding feeding my dog?

thanks for all the responces to my questions about my dog (feamale) not eating her food, she was only in the kennel for 7days so being told she had…

ASKED BY Member 928460 on 12/9/09
TAGGED stillnoteatingproperly, wontbarkorplay, notrainingatall IN Food & Nutrition

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