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I need this question anwserd asap what happens if my dog eats 2 sticks of butter wraper and all, and should i be concern?

My dog is a 4 year old lab and is 70-100 pounds

ASKED BY Member 1205896 on 12/25/13
TAGGED sheswalloedtwosticksofbutter IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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My dog, Barnabas who is about 3, has been scratching right below her collar on her upper back lately, it is very sticky?

My dog has been scratching right below her collar on her upper back lately, she had a scab and small bump last week, and is known to have dry…

ASKED BY Member 1202549 on 12/3/13
TAGGED sticky, blotchy, skin IN Skin Problems


Why does Bill love to eat wood?

I have had Bill since September of 2012, he was nine months old and came with tons of bad habits. We do training, agility and lots of play dates to…

ASKED BY Bill on 5/30/13
TAGGED sticks, eatinghabbits, wood IN Other Behavior & Training

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How to teach my dog to play fetch with with something other than sticks?

I have recently adopted a border collie cross Staffy. She is 4 and is a clever, beautifully natured dog. she loves to play fetch, however only with…

ASKED BY Member 1063546 on 10/15/11
TAGGED sticks, stick, fetch, train, training IN Methods of Training


Is apple wood dangerous for dogs?

Dakota got hold of an apple wood stick this morning.I had bought them as treats for my rabbits.I have heard that some fruit woods can be harmful to…

ASKED BY Dakota on 10/1/11
TAGGED apple, chewing, wood, sticks, dog, dangerous, poison IN Health & Wellness

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Dog milk bag is like a plate flat her 3rd litter.niple the size of a malbarry,2 day old not drinking what to do help-5 b?

milk bag some thing wrong,its flat like a plate,niple the size of a malbarry 2day old pup not drinking milk ==Help==337-580-2283

ASKED BY Member 1047966 on 8/23/11
TAGGED flatbreastanfullofmilkstickesoutoneachsideofmotherplate IN Health & Safety

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Help me stop my JRT eating wood (sticks and wood chip) please! He's not a naughty chewer in the house just on walks?

We have a 7 month old puppy who gets walked twice a day between 30 minutes and 60 minutes each time. I had to clear all the wood chip from the back…

ASKED BY Member 1023572 on 2/16/11
TAGGED wood, stick, sticks, eating, eat, walks, walk, chewing IN Chewing


Where can I order bully sticks in Canada?

I found an awesome website called, where you could apparently buy cheap bully sticks. I was excited about it because bully…

ASKED BY Sprite on 11/17/10
TAGGED bullysticks, canada, treats, rawfood IN Raw Food

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