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My 2 year old dog poops inside when he has diarrhoea whilst we are asleep, even though he is trained to poop outside?

My 2 year old husky Simba, poops in the house about once a month only when he has diarrhoea. He knows that he should not and he will always does his…

ASKED BY Member 1165911 on 4/19/13
TAGGED husky, poop, inside, trained, night, diarrhoea, bark, cry, downstairs IN Behavior & Training

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My dog will not go up the see through iron stairs?

ASKED BY Member 1141416 on 11/19/12
TAGGED see, hrough, stairs IN Answers

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Why won't my dog come down the basement stairs?

My 1.5 year old lab named Ringo usually FLIES up and down sets of stairs. He's never showed signs of being afraid of stairs, until it comes to our…

ASKED BY Member 1042791 on 7/29/11
TAGGED stairs, fear, scared IN Fears & Phobias

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Dog dropping toys down stairs?

Has anyone ever heard of dogs dropping toys off high surfaces? My Papillon has been doing this since he was a puppy. He'd always climb on beds…

ASKED BY Member 1028780 on 3/30/11
TAGGED toydropplaystrangestairs IN Behavior & Training

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My dog refuses to walk up or down the stairs from my apartment. I adopted an 8 month old English Mastiff. I have experin?

Dog has never dealt with stairs before and a little bowlegged. The only way to walk him or get him to the bathroom are the stairs. I need to do this 3…

ASKED BY Member 1022312 on 2/7/11
TAGGED stairs, steps, hieghts IN Fears & Phobias

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How can I learn to use my new two step pet stairs?

I'm a 6 year old rescue pup I've lived in my furever home now for 3 years.I am all ready using a one step set that is higher than the two step set.I…

ASKED BY MacKenzie Girl on 8/30/10
TAGGED petsteps, trainingtousestairs IN Behavior & Training

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