My mommy is wondering if I had a yeast infection on one side of my mouth?

Mommy found me abandoned and roaming in the cold and I already have this red streak on the side of my mouth (Look at my picture. It is on my right and…

ASKED BY Aki on 1/8/14
TAGGED tearstain, shihtzu, yeastinfection IN Other Grooming

Tia - Maria

Tips on getting rid of nasty tear stains on my little white chihuahua?

Tia has had brown tear stains ever since she was small. She'll be 7 this year and they've been stubborn ever since! We use pet wipes to remove the…

ASKED BY Tia - Maria on 1/2/14
TAGGED chihuahua, tearstains, tearstainremoval, help IN Home Grooming


Off white/beige carpet and urine stains?

I have a carpet shampooer, and the carpet is still stained. I've tried that, vinegar, woolite shampoo, and H202 blotted on the spots to get rid of the…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
TAGGED carpet, urine, stains IN Dogs and a Clean Home

Guest Member Since

My Bichon Frise hair on his lower jaw has turned real dark, why?

Tumis Fur below his mouth (lower Jaw) has turned a Dark Brown and does not wash away. Like it is stained.

ASKED BY Member 1151915 on 1/25/13
TAGGED furstainned IN Health & Wellness

Mister Jones

My white min.schnauzer has developed red-brown eye, mouth, and genital stains. He never had this before I changed food?

I recently changed my 2 mini schnauzers from Halo to Wilderness food. they had got to the point that they were turning up their noses at the halo. I…

ASKED BY Mister Jones on 4/4/12
TAGGED holisticfood, mouthstains, highproteindiets, schnauzerskin, constipation IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

My dog has really bad allergies. Hose nose is always running a lot and also he has HORRIBLE tear stains. Any suggestions?

Horrible runny nose and right next to his eyes is almost raw looking. Any suggestions for tear stains? Products?

ASKED BY Member 1040178 on 7/8/11
TAGGED allergies, tearstains, dog, small, white, eyes, nose IN Allergies


Pee Stain Removal?

I was a bad dog and peed on the floor twice, and it's dried now. My mom's tried everything to clean it up, but the stain is still there. How does…

ASKED BY Blackie on 4/29/10
TAGGED pee, stain, clean, carpet IN House Soiling


My puppy has reddish-brown staining on the fur around her eyes and genitals. What causes this and how do I treat it?

I know that tear stains on the face are common enough, but the discoloration around her genitals has me concerned. She also has bad breath and had a…

ASKED BY Mischa on 9/25/09
TAGGED cockapoo, puppy, tearstains, orijen, yeast IN Skin Problems

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