See pic of my pom, all fluffy? Now, she is 13, and almost bald. She is white w/pink skin showing. It breaks my heart. An?

She is still sweet and cuddly, but looks like a "waif", so sad. Still acts like a puppy, dancing around. Still haven;t found a food she likes, so…

ASKED BY Mollee on 9/15/14
TAGGED balding, hotspots, eating, drinkingwater, needprayer IN Skin Problems


Hotspots, itchy skin, allergies, high ALT, and no answers for six years. Liver?

Answer not question. Zackary on Rimadyl because of arthritis at an early age which I thought was weird but the veterinarian said so,I had no issues…

ASKED BY Zack on 6/3/14
TAGGED arthritis, emergencies, hotspots, skinproblems, medications, alt, parasites IN Allergies

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Newly developed sweet spots. When we rub or scratch behind shoulder blades, he tenses up. Any thoughts?

We've had our German Shepherd/Pit mix for about 8 months now and just in the last week Ive noticed that he reacts to areas I call "sweet spots" behind…

ASKED BY Member 1203465 on 12/9/13
TAGGED sweetspot, itchy, scratching IN Skin Problems


Home Remedies for hot spots/terrible itching?

Bear is not my dog, he's a friend's dog. Lately, Bear has had a terrible hot spot on his rump that's been getting worse. My Lab had a similar…

ASKED BY Shasta on 10/14/13
TAGGED hotspot, chewing, bleeding IN Skin Problems

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Why does my dog have a blackish spot on the lower belly next to his private part?

I went off for two days and left my dog at my uncles and I just changed his food would that be why when I come back I noticed a brownish blackish spot…

ASKED BY Member 1170332 on 5/15/13
TAGGED newfoodblackbrownspothealth IN Health & Wellness

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Our dog is play biting our cat's head and is giving the cat a bald spot?

our cat and our dog are about the same size and are best friends. they spend almost as much time play fighting as they do snuggling. the dog has…

ASKED BY Member 1165867 on 4/18/13
TAGGED cats, playing, baldspot IN Behavior & Training

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Brown Spot In Eye: Should I worry?

My Boston Terrier (Male, 12 months) has a strange looking brown spot on the side of his Iris that I haven't noticed before -- however the vain that…

ASKED BY Member 1154464 on 2/9/13
TAGGED eye, boston, terrier, puppy, brown, spot IN Other Health & Wellness

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What dog breed is this?

I saw a wild or stray dog running around in Tennessee. It had a black and white spotted coat, greyish in color, had big ears, and looked very…

ASKED BY Member 1147014 on 12/28/12
TAGGED strange, breed, wild, wilddog, dog, dogs, spots, spotted, tennessee IN Breeds

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