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2yr Female Maltese/Terrier Peaches a desert rescue need help with behavioral problems fear/timidness?

Rescued from desert with her pup, spent unknown time in kennels, 5 weeks with foster family and have had for 6 weeks. She fixates on my 12yr old…

ASKED BY Member 1254759 on 1/3/16
TAGGED timid, unsocial IN Fears & Phobias

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7 month old lab is very submissive, can anyone help me help her be more confident?

My 7 month old lab is very submissive when it comes to meeting new people and dogs. I wouldn't say she's shy because when ever we are on walks she…

ASKED BY Member 1246822 on 5/18/15
TAGGED anxiety, puppy, socialization, friendly, lab, labretriever, happy IN Socialization

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Young pit rescue is aggressive when other dogs are restrained?

I've noticed a habit my 7 month old female pit mix has suddenly started at the dog park. She has started to get aggressive when other dogs are put…

ASKED BY Member 1243311 on 3/4/15
TAGGED aggression, leashes, dogpark, socialization, pitbull IN Aggression

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Maltese/Yorkie seems to have lost his confidence and outgoing personality after moving. Can we help him?

Behavior question for a 4 year old maltese/yorkie mix: Over the past year there have been a lot of changes in our lives. I sold my co-op he grew up…

ASKED BY Member 1240167 on 1/5/15
TAGGED anxiety, moving, antisocial IN Socialization

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Need help with antisocial, insecure, territorial dog?

My best friend's daughter has an insecure, unsolicited, & territorial dog that he watches on a regular basis because his daughter does not want the…

ASKED BY Member 1237506 on 11/16/14
TAGGED socialization, territorial, insecure IN Socialization

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How do I get my dog to be calm around new dogs?? HELP?

I adopted a puppy about 2 months ago. He is about 6 months old now and a mix between basset hound and catahula leapord. He has been fixed for about…

ASKED BY Member 1227974 on 6/3/14
TAGGED social, puppy, dogs IN Socialization

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My gf's moms dog having some serious behavior/social problems -help requested (we're happy for whatever answer(s)?

Hello, I have an (important) question regarding my girlfriends "moms" dog. Cause it the most of the time feels like we dont have any dog here…

ASKED BY Member 1227870 on 6/2/14
TAGGED jackrussel, animalshelter, old, unsocial, hiding, ignoring, ignorance IN Socialization


My 8 week old Alaskan Klee Kai puppy?

Hi! We have just been lucky enough to get the 19th Alaskan Klee Kai here in Australia. He is an amazing dog, very smart, has learned to pee on his…

ASKED BY Conan on 3/6/14
TAGGED puppy, toilettraining, socialization, barking, separationissues IN Barking

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