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My 9 Year-Old Miniature Poodle with Addison's Disease Is Now Having Additional Problems?

I have a miniature poodle that is 9 years old. She was having problems a few years ago, and after many vet visits, she was finally diagnosed with…

ASKED BY Member 1235839 5 days, 3 hours ago
TAGGED diabetes, addisons, dislocatedhip, cataracts, medication, poodle, minature, weightloss, blind IN Health & Wellness

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Camping in Southern Cali with pets?

Hi! I'm RV camping around Santa Barbara and within 100 miles north and south starting in September 2014. I'm looking for campgrounds that allow pets…

ASKED BY Member 1229785 on 7/20/14
TAGGED camping, southerncalifornia IN Travel & Recreation

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Newly adopted dog leaving us "presents" in the hall while we are home with him?

We recently adopted a five year old dog about two weeks ago from the humane society. He has been almost perfect as he adjusts to our new home…

ASKED BY Member 1228978 on 6/24/14
TAGGED pottytraining, housesoiling, training, behavior IN House Soiling

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Puppy has diarrhea, tips to do before going to vet?

Hello, I have recently received a puppy that's about a 10 weeks and isn't eating the food the previous owner had provided us. I believe he has…

ASKED BY Member 1228250 on 6/7/14
TAGGED diarrheatipsdiysolutions IN Health & Wellness

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How do I get my dog to be calm around new dogs?? HELP?

I adopted a puppy about 2 months ago. He is about 6 months old now and a mix between basset hound and catahula leapord. He has been fixed for about…

ASKED BY Member 1227974 on 6/3/14
TAGGED social, puppy, dogs IN Socialization

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My gf's moms dog having some serious behavior/social problems -help requested (we're happy for whatever answer(s)?

Hello, I have an (important) question regarding my girlfriends "moms" dog. Cause it the most of the time feels like we dont have any dog here…

ASKED BY Member 1227870 on 6/2/14
TAGGED jackrussel, animalshelter, old, unsocial, hiding, ignoring, ignorance IN Socialization


Female Husky, which puppy?

I have a one year old Husky, that is a Female. And I would like to get another Husky, but would it be better to get a male or a female puppy…

ASKED BY Kira on 5/31/14
TAGGED siberian, husky, siberianhusky, alaskan, dogs, puppies, puppy, maleorfemale, female, pup, gender, behavior, personality IN Dogs & Kids

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