Animal control won't do anything I need help?

My neighbors dogs (4 of them maybe more) are not fixed and run around the neighbor hood all the time. They are dirty and skinny! They are almost…

ASKED BY Domivo on 1/21/14
TAGGED pitbull, notfixed, females, wild, skinny, dirty, parasites IN Animal Control

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Possible stray dog or possibly animal cruelty?

There's this dog I saw walking home from school He was outside under a van. He has food and water but I don't know if the person is the owner. The dog…

ASKED BY Member 1188822 on 9/6/13
TAGGED stray, animalcruelty, skinny, sick IN Health & Wellness


Had Nico to the vet today, his weight is 26lbs and he's 17wks old, vet said he's a bit lean?

Now I'm worried he's too skinny. And also he' always has the runs or soft stools. He's on bakers puppy food but should I try something else?

ASKED BY Nico on 8/2/13
TAGGED husky, weight, food, skinny IN Siberian Husky


Why has my husky suddenly lost weight and appetite?

My husky is a little over 1 and her top weight at the vet was 47. After shedding she seems to have lost interest in eating and has dropped to 45…

ASKED BY Luna on 6/26/13
TAGGED skinnyhusky IN Other Health & Wellness


My dog is extremely thin and won't gain weight?

I have a one year old olde English pup. I am concerned about his weight. He is more than just skinny. I am able to see his spine and rib cage. His…

ASKED BY Pete on 6/10/13
TAGGED oldeenglishbulldogges, weight, skinny, skincondition, thin IN Other Food & Nutrition

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One and a half month old German Shepherd not eating anything. Any suggestions?

Our one and a half month old German Shepherd is not eating anything. He is very thin and we can see its ribs. Even its stomach is carved inward. Any…

ASKED BY Member 1173525 on 6/3/13
TAGGED germanshepherd, food, noteating, veryskinny IN Food & Nutrition

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I found a dog a week ago. He has excessive mucus around his eyes and is very frail and skinny. He is also very slow?

he was near my house so i took him in. He is very small but the vet told me he is not a puppy. I couldn't afford to run tests AND buy the pills for…

ASKED BY Member 1057331 on 9/19/11
TAGGED dog, sick, frail, excessivemucus, brittlehair, skinny IN Illness & Disease

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