Reviews on Wenaewe Food?

Cassy is getting Otitis in her older age... We are trying to figure out what she's allergic to, but its difficult. We've tried NutriSource, that…

ASKED BY Cassy on 10/19/13
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My dog is extremely thin and won't gain weight?

I have a one year old olde English pup. I am concerned about his weight. He is more than just skinny. I am able to see his spine and rib cage. His…

ASKED BY Pete on 6/10/13
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I have a couple questions, the first of which is how do I exercise my overweight dog when she has arthritis? She's very?

I have 2 dogs that are both overweight. Moo has arthritis & is on Rymadil to help with the pain, but going for walks makes it worse, & she limps for a…

ASKED BY Member 1160320 on 3/22/13
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Can I give my dog human Methylprednisolone?

I have a 2 year old Shih Tzu and she has some places that she has rubbed raw from biting it. I have some Methylprednisolone that i have left over from…

ASKED BY Member 1126892 on 8/21/12
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I just recently started my dog on a raw food diet and noticed she has a dark eye discharge all of sudden.…

My dog has suffered from demodectic mange all her life. She is now 1 1/2 and I am still trying to cure her skin. I have started her on a raw food…

ASKED BY Daisy on 5/21/12
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My yellow lab has a red spot under the fur on his front leg about 3 in. long. he's not licking it much, what could it be?

He has had it for about two weeks, and it doesn't seem to be bothering him, but it concerns me that it is dark red and seems to be growing in size. I…

ASKED BY Member 806873 on 2/21/09
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My dog started out with a rash looking area, itched a lot, licking and gnawing. Then small black pin point spots in clus?

in clusters under armpit areas and genitals. Now flaking, scales with hairloss in quarter sized spots on his back and sides. No flaking on belly or…

ASKED BY Member 543009 on 12/8/07
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