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Nonstop scratching and skin biting, tried everything with no answers so far?

Ginger has been scratching and biting her skin nonstop almost for the past few months. We've been to the vet 5+ times, and have even seen other…

ASKED BY Member 1243108 on 2/28/15
TAGGED health, skin, biting, scratching, no, answers, losing, hair IN Skin Problems

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Sudden bald spot on my dog?

PUZZLED! I was petting my Jack/Rat earlier in the day and noticed two small rasied patches of skin under her fur, one on her chest and one on her back…

ASKED BY Member 1242846 on 2/23/15
TAGGED skin, redpatch, skinissue, baldpatch IN Health & Wellness

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Cali has what looks like a skin tag, just need some clarification?

Ok so she's had this thing growing on her leg for awhile now. It started out really small and it's been slow growing. It protrudes from her actually…

ASKED BY California's Finest on 1/30/15
TAGGED skintag, malignant, benign, skindisease IN Skin Problems

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My 11 month old dog has Penphigus Vulgaris(blistering and erosion of the skin) is there an other way to treat this?

I have an 11 month old puppy, I rescued her from the street when she was around 2 months old and she has a disease called Penphigus Vulgaris, this…

ASKED BY Member 1241004 on 1/18/15
TAGGED puppy, skin, disease, sick IN Health & Wellness


Demodex HELP?

Hi, I am really hoping you guys can help.... My beautiful Pug, Bentley is only just one year old, he has had Demodex for months, the vet put him on…

ASKED BY Bentley on 1/5/15
TAGGED demodex, mange, skin, pug IN Health & Wellness

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6 yr old shih tzu from rescue swollen blacken bloody nipple?

I rescued zevia 4wm weeks ago. She had mange, eye and ear infection (cleared up) thyroid and immune disorder. (May still have issues) She now has a…

ASKED BY Member 1239868 on 12/30/14
TAGGED cancerorskinproblems IN Illness & Disease

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Small scabs on my dogs neck?

I've just discovered small scabs on my dogs neck, just slightly under his chin. I first thought they were flea droppings as he has been treated for…

ASKED BY Member 1238394 on 12/2/14
TAGGED skin, scabs, irritation, sensitive IN Health & Wellness

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What collar and harnesses for sensitive skin and odd body?

My dog (corgi-JRT i think) has very sensitive skin! he is practically bald under his armpits and every halter i've gotten him rubs. He is very oddly…

ASKED BY Member 1235684 on 10/14/14
TAGGED harness, collar, sensitive, skin, white, chafing, armpits, neck, barrelchested, long IN Skin Problems

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