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My 11 month old dog has Penphigus Vulgaris(blistering and erosion of the skin) is there an other way to treat this?

I have an 11 month old puppy, I rescued her from the street when she was around 2 months old and she has a disease called Penphigus Vulgaris, this…

ASKED BY Member 1241004 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED puppy, skin, disease, sick IN Health & Wellness


Demodex HELP?

Hi, I am really hoping you guys can help.... My beautiful Pug, Bentley is only just one year old, he has had Demodex for months, the vet put him on…

ASKED BY Bentley 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED demodex, mange, skin, pug IN Health & Wellness

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6 yr old shih tzu from rescue swollen blacken bloody nipple?

I rescued zevia 4wm weeks ago. She had mange, eye and ear infection (cleared up) thyroid and immune disorder. (May still have issues) She now has a…

ASKED BY Member 1239868 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED cancerorskinproblems IN Illness & Disease

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Small scabs on my dogs neck?

I've just discovered small scabs on my dogs neck, just slightly under his chin. I first thought they were flea droppings as he has been treated for…

ASKED BY Member 1238394 on 12/2/14
TAGGED skin, scabs, irritation, sensitive IN Health & Wellness

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What collar and harnesses for sensitive skin and odd body?

My dog (corgi-JRT i think) has very sensitive skin! he is practically bald under his armpits and every halter i've gotten him rubs. He is very oddly…

ASKED BY Member 1235684 on 10/14/14
TAGGED harness, collar, sensitive, skin, white, chafing, armpits, neck, barrelchested, long IN Skin Problems

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Puppy help? (ROUNDworm, skin irritation etc)?

I'm puppy siting for a friend. she told me that the dog previously had roundworms but was treated by the vet about 2 months ago and put on the…

ASKED BY Member 1235013 on 10/2/14
TAGGED skinirritation, roundworm, yellowandredpatches, help IN Worms & Parasites

Journey Rose

Skin tags or some kind of skin disease...or something else?

Hi everyone, I'm asking a question for a friend of mine, who has an 11 year old dachshund, named, Slinky. I saw Slinky about a week ago, right after…

ASKED BY Journey Rose on 9/15/14
TAGGED skintags, bumps, ticks, skindisease IN Health & Wellness

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Blood pressure so that really wasn't intended?

Blood pressure so that really wasn't intended as a diet to lose weight now yeah alright and they all want to they ranked as their number one weight…

ASKED BY Member 1233699 on 9/9/14
TAGGED skin, care IN Dental Care

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