Animal control won't do anything I need help?

My neighbors dogs (4 of them maybe more) are not fixed and run around the neighbor hood all the time. They are dirty and skinny! They are almost…

ASKED BY Domivo on 1/21/14
TAGGED pitbull, notfixed, females, wild, skinny, dirty, parasites IN Animal Control

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Someone asked if Dogster was closing?

Lori the community manager e-mailed me promptly stating, "Pawlease do what you can to squash this rumor." Therefore, Dogster is not closing it's…

ASKED BY Member 1110659 on 5/3/13
TAGGED dogster, closing, website IN The Dogster Website

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How can I get rid of giardia on my 14 week old mini schanuzer?

My husband bought my mini schnauzer from a pet store at a mall on December 2012 and by the second day we brought her home she got really sick. She…

ASKED BY Member 1152897 on 1/31/13
TAGGED giardia, treatments, puppy, parasites IN Puppies

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Large white 'pods'/egg-sacs found in dog stool?

Hello, I apologize for the gross question title and details, but I am somewhat unnerved by what I've recently found in our puppy's feces. I have…

ASKED BY Member 1150563 on 1/17/13
TAGGED worms, parasites, stool, feces, pods, eggsacs, deworm IN Worms & Parasites

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Looking for someone with experience with treatment of Balantidium Coli in dogs?

I have been to 3 vets. Not one has ever seen this protozoa (B. Coli) in a domestic dog. We have tried 3 different antibiotics and she is still…

ASKED BY Member 1144687 on 12/10/12
TAGGED protozoa, parasite, bcoli IN Health & Wellness

 Sally (dead)

Why don't they have Birdster or GuineaPigster, or Kinkajouster? People have other pets?

I mean, people have other pets than dogs and cats. You know, I am an owner of seven cats, and a baby foster kinkajou. Why don't they have websites…

ASKED BY Sally (dead) on 9/4/12
TAGGED new, websites, website, animals, other IN General

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Are all pet foods recalled ?

I have researched dog food for a long time & it is safe to say that most have been recalled at one time or another we just need to do our research…

ASKED BY Member 1099411 on 6/5/12
TAGGED recalls, safe, responsible, food, akita, sites IN Health & Wellness

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