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I think my dog is sick... should I start a rice and boiled chicken and pedialyte diet?

My 1 year old maltese mix has been having loose stools lately, and some vomiting. The vomit appears to be bile, although she has been eating…

ASKED BY Member 1181286 on 7/19/13
TAGGED sickdog, vomit, loosestools, diarrhea, bloodystool, vet IN Emergencies & First Aid

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I need some advice on home cooked meals for my dog?

Mikey is my slight crazy 4 y.o chi x silky terrier. We adopted him when he was 9 month old and since that first month we had issues with him…

ASKED BY Member 1110673 on 5/14/12
TAGGED foodsickdogvomit IN Homemade Food

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My dog keeps peeing on herself and will not move at all?

she has gone to the bathroom at least 20 times in the last hour and then she laid down and started peeing where she was laying. Now she will not…

ASKED BY Member 989262 on 5/27/10
TAGGED sickdog IN Emergencies & First Aid


Kira's eating cherries in the backyard. Can it make her sick?

My neighbors cherry tree hangs over our fence, and kira has been eating them. She has been acting a little weird latly, could it be the cherries?

ASKED BY kira on 6/16/09
TAGGED sickdog, eatingcherries IN Health & Wellness

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My dog won't open his eyes?he was fine yesterday and all day today he won't open them?

He has never been like this his eyes are dirty looking and he squints and will never open his eyes both of them! what to do? I can't afford to bring…

ASKED BY Member 826074 on 4/13/09
TAGGED sickdog, help, vet, advice, puppy IN Other Health & Wellness

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What do i feed my male pekingese? He wont eat? Also he has a lot of hair loss and I have adopted him how can I help him?

I adopted a pure white pekingese form a shelter he is well behaved and a great pet, But he has sores and lots of hair loss . He wont eat and I am…

ASKED BY Member 800835 on 2/4/09
TAGGED sickdoghairlossnoteating IN Homemade Food

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Our 6 month old chihuahua male..He hasn't peed all day. Is he sick?

We just brought home our 6 month old chihuahua papi last night. He's extrememly shy and spends most of his time hiding. His previous home was in texas…

ASKED BY Member 611005 on 3/22/08
TAGGED sickdog, wonturinatenewpuppywonteatextremelyshy IN Illness & Disease

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