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Getting a health certificate to travel, no proof of rabies shot?

We found a ~6 month old puppy who must have been abandoned (not thinking lost due to the convenient 'drop-off' type place we found her). I…

ASKED BY Member 1238132 on 11/28/14
TAGGED healthcertificate, shots, rescue, travel, rabiesvaccination, puppy IN Air Travel

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My vet scheduled my puppys 2nd round of shots a week or two late. Now they want to start all over? Is that safe?

My GSD puppy got his first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. My new vet scheduled him for his second round 2 days short of a full 5 weeks later. Then upon…

ASKED BY Member 1141930 on 11/23/12
TAGGED shots, startover, money, weeks, weeks, mothers, antibodies IN Vaccinations


Question about Boston Terrier puppy vaccinations and getting fixed?

Is it 100% necessary for Boston Terrier puppy to have all vaccinations? I don't ask because I don't feel like doing it or don't want to pay for it…

ASKED BY Jane on 10/17/12
TAGGED bostonterrier, puppy, vaccinations, shots, health, spay, neuter, fix, vet IN Health & Safety

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Dog has bump on back near butt?

seems to be where she got shots at vet about a week before it was noticed. should i take her back to vet, or will it just go away?

ASKED BY Member 1121811 on 7/21/12
TAGGED bumps, shots, lumps IN Health & Wellness

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Can a puppy whose only had his first shot play with a puppy whose had no shots?

My puppy is 10 weeks old and has only just had his first shot. My flatmates bringing home a 6 week old puppy today and hes had no shots I don't want…

ASKED BY Member 1120376 on 7/12/12
TAGGED help, puppies, shots, vaccanations IN Puppies

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Puppy's first shots today, what can I do for pain?

I have an 8 week old chihuahua puppy that recieved 1st shots today. What can I give her or do to help relieve the pain? She doesn't want to be…

ASKED BY Member 1068075 on 11/3/11
TAGGED painrelief, puppy, shots IN Health & Wellness

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