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Why does my dog attack (bite) our feet/shoes?

We just adopted a 1 year old Rat Terrier mix, who sometimes will attack our feet/shoes by growling at them and biting them. Why does he do this and…

ASKED BY Member 1102023 on 3/24/12
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How can I train my dog to stop chewing my shoes?

My dog, Rocky, has an issue where he keeps chewing on my shoes. Now he usually sleeps in our spare room where my husband's shoes are but he always…

ASKED BY Member 1057289 on 9/19/11
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HELP! How do I stop my dog from destroying things?

I have recently moved into an apartment with my friend and her dog. My dog is a little over a year old and her dog just turned 3. Our dogs have…

ASKED BY Member 1022417 on 2/8/11
TAGGED chewing, destroying, puppy, newroommate, badbehavior, shoes, twodogs, aggressive, dominant IN Chewing

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How to stop Max from chewing shoes?

Max is an almost 12-week old Cockapoo who likes to sneak out of the room and grab my flip flops or my hubby's shoes, and bring them to his bed to…

ASKED BY Member 984971 on 5/17/10
TAGGED chewing, flipflops, shoes, puppy, stink, sneaking IN Behavior & Training


Is a sweater enough to keep my dog warm?

We have decided to get Sprite some 'clothes', since it is really cold and snowy where we live and he is always shivering and holding up his paws…

ASKED BY Sprite on 12/13/09
TAGGED sweater, clothes, boots, shoes, cold, snow, paws IN Apparel

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Ok, so we got Cooper two days ago. Here's what I know about him. 1. First family threw him out a car window in front of the police department. The fall broke his leg. 2. Employee at police department, takes him home, get's his leg fix, has some dental work done. Lives with her & her 3 kids and Yorkie. 3. She has to rehome home him due to divorce, working long hours, finances etc...When I met her, she was a very sweet lady who obviously cared for Cooper & wanted him to find a good family. 4. Cooper comes to live with us. OK: Now, that's about all I know of his background. So here's the problem. Cooper is terrified of the dark. He will not step foot out of the house after dark. Also he HATES it when we wear our shoes in the house. For instance, he'll come and cuddle , but if I run outside for something and then walk through the house with my shoes on, he FREAKS. He barks at my feet, crys and runs away. Also last night, when my husband came in from the garage, the house was dark and Cooper was lying ext to me. Cooper wouldn't let my husband touch him. He acted like my husband was total stranger. When my husband put his hand out, Cooper started growling. I honestly believe if he hadn't pulled back, he would have been bitten. BUT, he doesn't do this with the kids at all. He actually runs to the children when he's scared. Any ideas whats going on here? My husband will soon be switching to nights and I'm afraid Cooper will go nuts on him every time he comes in late?

ASKED BY Member 852010 on 7/9/09
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I have a new Vizsla dog that is chewing on everything. She has plenty of bones, toys, and Kongs. What kind of spray re?

She is chewing on couch cushions, the couch it'self, the wood on the outside deck and just about anything she can get ahold of. We have a doggy…

ASKED BY Member 748557 on 10/12/08
TAGGED chewing, couch, pillows, wood, shoes IN Chewing