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How to use FURminator Brush, Slicker Brush and Curry Comb properly?

Hey Guys, I have a 4 months old Pug and she sheds like crazy. 1 month ago I discovered the FURminator brush and have been using it everyday and I…

ASKED BY Member 1248124 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED furminator, shedding, pugs, currycomb, slickerbrush IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My lab has occasional diarrhea, vomiting, and a unusually dull/shedding coat. What could be causing this?

Hi! My black lab in three years old and I have had him since he was a puppy. Three weeks ago I noticed that his coat was shedding despite it being…

ASKED BY Member 1243097 on 2/28/15
TAGGED diarrhea, vomiting, dullcoat, shedding, lab IN Health & Wellness


Why is my Shiba's red markings so "faded"? Could it be related to her blowing her coat?

Hi! I recently rescued a darling Shiba, but immediately noticed that the red color most Shibas have was light on her. She's not a cream shiba, the red…

ASKED BY Hatsumomo on 9/25/14
TAGGED shiba, color, shedding, blowingcoat, faded, light, markings IN Other Grooming


American Bulldog Shedding Horribly?

I have a 2yr old American Bulldog, I rescued him from a shelter 3 months ago. He didn't shed that bad after I got him but now he is shedding horribly…

ASKED BY Kojak on 4/7/14
TAGGED shedding, americanbulldog IN Shedding

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Is my dog sick? (Excessive shedding and irregular bowel movements)?

My dog is a two year old shepherd/husky mix (so obviously I am used to a ton of shedding). He is feed a fish based diet through Blue Buffalo and is…

ASKED BY Member 1197809 on 11/5/13
TAGGED excessiveshedding, frequentbowelmovements IN Health & Wellness

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After being in season how long does it take for my aussie's coat to come back?

I have an australian shepherd, she is 12 months old and is in season for the first time. She has blown all her coat. I would love to show her, but…

ASKED BY Member 1191017 on 9/22/13
TAGGED shedding, coat, australianshepherd, blown IN Other Grooming

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Why is my Maltese shedding little black flecks?

My 3 yr. old female Maltese has recently started shedding, what looks like, little black flecks. It isn't lice or flees. I've been told that it's…

ASKED BY Member 1145441 on 12/16/12
TAGGED maltese, female, shedding, blackspecks IN Skin Problems

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