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Can a dog with thick hair have the hair thinned like a human's hair can be?

I don't want to shave my dog because it affects their natural cool/heating system. Looking for alternatives.

ASKED BY Member 1126526 on 5/27/13
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Shaving an Akita?

Hi there! I have a question about the outcome of shaving our Akita, Abbey. We bought her from a man who had no time or inclination to maintain her…

ASKED BY Member 1170706 on 5/17/13
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Desmond CGC

So when it comes to giving haircuts to double coated breeds.…

I know you are never to shave a double coated breed to the skin unless it's for a medical reason, but exactly how short CAN you take the hair…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 2/4/10
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Shaving poodle ears?

I kind of want to shave Desmond's ears down, but I'm not decided yet. I want to know how for future reference though. The ears are so thin and…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 8/26/09
TAGGED shaving, ears, poodle, grooming, safety IN Home Grooming

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Tick prevention while hiking. The medications, they do nathing?

On our last camping trip,our pooch picked up 27 ticks in four days, plus another 4 I found in the tent and my sleeping bag. This was despite…

ASKED BY Member 706825 on 7/6/09
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Wat r the sings to look for when u think ur dog is having puppies?

she ran off with my friends dog who is a maltese just like her we did not find them for a 1hr,he has been coming back everyday to see her and i saw…

ASKED BY Member 827930 on 4/19/09
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