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Is it okay to be a little mad when my friends feed my dog food from the table?

I am against feeding Shadow from the table. I always have been so my mom doesn't get mad at him for begging. I have never fed Shadow from the table. I…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/9/11
TAGGED shadow, tables, food, mad, toxic, cholate IN House Soiling

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Why does my dog lick me only at night?

Shadow my to your old Pittie Mix use to be a big licker! Now Shadow only lick me at night and when he does he does it constanly! Does anyone know…

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 9/24/11
TAGGED licking, night, shadow IN Behavior & Training

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My dog Shadow only licks me at night when he sleeps with me. Why?

My dog Shadow does not lick people a lot unlike my other pup Kasey. Shadow does lick me at night though, and night only. When I go to sleep he…

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 9/18/11
TAGGED shadow, bed, nightlicking IN Other Behavior & Training

Dee Dee

May I ask to have some ideas as to what to name this cute lil puppy please?! I'm sooo stumped?

I've been watching her personality and none of the names I have come across seem to fit. I'm extremely open to cute name ideas. Her personality is…

ASKED BY Dee Dee on 9/18/09
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Olive Noir Janoel

How do you get a dog to stop chasing shadows and reflections?

Our dog will not stop chasing light reflections or shadows when the lights are on at night. It's real bad, we feel awful for her and would love to…

ASKED BY Olive Noir Janoel on 11/7/07
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