Sheba Loo(Gertie)

I see the standard answer for seperation anxiety seems to be THE CRATE. What about for an older dog?

My baby is 10 today, I've had her since she was 5 wks old. She's chewed through a crate like nothing, losing a K-9 in the process. Last July her…

ASKED BY Sheba Loo(Gertie) on 2/10/13
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Seperation Anxiety/Kennel Training?

HELP! I have the cutest 3.5 month old beagle puppy. He has severe seperation anxiety. When I leave the house he throws up,pees and poops everywhere…

ASKED BY Member 1123211 on 7/29/12
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How old should my puppy be before I leave him alone?

My pup is 9 weeks old, and I've been leaving him alone gradually for an hour or so to get him used to being alone as I have to go back to work in a…

ASKED BY Member 1084987 on 1/16/12
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How do we stop dog from tearing bedding?

Both my girlfriend and I work and go to school, so our 1 year old black lab has to be put in his kennel daily, but we do have 2 roommates so when he…

ASKED BY Elvis on 10/25/11
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I have a 30kg mastiff x rigeback x lab and he is starting to drive me crazy. He jumps all over me when I get home from w?

Over excited 30kg dog who jumps all over me.

ASKED BY Member 1027937 on 3/25/11
TAGGED jumping, overexciteddog, seperationanxiety IN Behavior & Training

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