9 year old spayed mutt having false pregnancy? Is it possible?

Sandy, my grandparents' 9 year old spayed hound/husky/corgi mix, is constantly bothered by Buddy, their two year old mini Aussie and he trys to mate…

ASKED BY Buddy on 10/18/13
TAGGED falsepregnancy, spayed, pregnancy, seniordogs IN Pregnancy

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Any thoughts on why my 13 year old would be confussed & disoriented..…

Today my baby started acting very strange.. It is like she didn't know where she was.. She will not walk down steps and when I take her out we have to…

ASKED BY Member 1183891 on 8/3/13
TAGGED seniordog, disoriented, confussed IN Senior Pet

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How do I get my 5 month old kitten to get along with my older cat and dog? How do I get my dog to stop barking?

I have a 15 yr old Shih Tzu which has cataracts and glaucoma. I also have an 8 yr old femaile cat that was a stray. Recently I found a stray kitten on…

ASKED BY Member 713109 on 8/2/13
TAGGED seniordog, excessivebarking, bothersomekitten IN Other Behavior & Training

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My 15 yr old dog is in great shape but he's always walking around. Why?

When he is hooked up to his lead run outside,he's happy but never lies down to relax. Inside,he walks through the rooms (he can walk a circle from…

ASKED BY Member 1139095 on 11/4/12
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 Sally (dead)

What Kind Of Toys Should I Buy For My 12 Year Old, Active, Dog?

My dog Sally is an active, happy senior dog.She chews on my sister's flip-flops, slippers, and her favorite teddy bear (she already chewed out his…

ASKED BY Sally (dead) on 9/1/12
TAGGED toys, seniordog IN Senior Pet

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I have a 12-year old Russian poodle and currently he's been too much of a nuisance. he keeps on barking aimlessly all th?

The dog is male.

ASKED BY Member 1116473 on 6/19/12
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Imy 11 y/o eskie is going to have 2 teeth pulled, i was advised one will be very difficult because the roots are so stro?

he will have two pulled a canine and molor and the xrays to see if anyothers will be extraxed. hes on antibiotics for 10 days now because of infection…

ASKED BY Member 1069277 on 11/8/11
TAGGED seniordog, teethextraction, whattoexpectaftersurgery, foodshelleat IN Dental Care

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