My poor baby got hurt right under his eye, a bit of loose skin under and just a tad bit on the upper eyelid?

I live in a isolated town with no vet, and I been doing my best to keep it clean, I don't know what to use to disinfectant it without bothering or…

ASKED BY Buzzoo on 9/22/13
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My 10 yr old staffie got scratched by another dog on her eye, what should we do?

My dog's eye was scratched by another dog and now has a thin, brown lump/could be pus etc. at the bottom of the eyeball. what should we do about…

ASKED BY Member 1134482 on 10/6/12
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My puppy has a scratch on her eye,and I am literally broke til payday,what can I do to help her?

She was outside playing and came back in and her eye was all watery and irritated,upon fiurther examination,I noticed a scratch right above her retna…

ASKED BY Member 730727 on 9/7/08
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