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Recently I have adopted a cocker spaniel, its name is Sara and its a troubled dog, she can't walk with the belt or even?

My dog was rescued, its very shy, sometimes it seems to be confident and happy but later it return to the alert state and doesnt even eat

ASKED BY Member 1237880 2 days, 19 hours ago
TAGGED troubleddog, rescueddog IN Service & Therapy Dogs

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Hard to train rescue dog is very aggressive with other dogs and children... please help?

How do I discipline a rescue dog that is very fear aggressive? Since I adopted him last Feb. he has made a lot of progress in all areas except for…

ASKED BY Member 1233647 on 9/8/14
TAGGED adoption, rescue, fear, aggression, biting, children IN Behavior & Training


Please help?

I really want to help out local shelters and dog rescues around my area. I am already a volunteer but I want to become a foster because I see a lot of…

ASKED BY Zoey on 8/16/14
TAGGED rescue, shelter, help IN Fostering a Pet

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Can someone tell me what my mix might be?

I'm part chihuahua but not sure what else!

ASKED BY Member 1231208 on 8/6/14
TAGGED breed, rescuedog, chimix, chihuahua IN Mixed Breeds

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Will my rescue puppy ever warm up to me?

At first I just thought it was him being stressed out, being neutered and getting his shots to young but its been almost three days, and he has…

ASKED BY Member 1230926 on 8/3/14
TAGGED rescuepuppies IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Is there anything I can do to get rid of giardia in the yard?

I have rescued a 3 month old lab husky mix about three month ago. He just tested positive for giardia. I have taken all of the steps to sanitize…

ASKED BY Member 1229543 on 7/13/14
TAGGED puppy, giardia, vomit, sick, parasite, protect, contaminated, clean, yard, sanitize, dog, rescue IN Worms & Parasites

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New rescue struggling with potty training..…

Hi all -- I recently adopted my second rescue dog. She is a 1.5yr boxer hound mix of sorts and she is wonderful. However she is struggling with…

ASKED BY Member 1225201 on 5/6/14
TAGGED training, rescuedog, pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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My dog doesn't like his crate he cries the entire night in it even when I am by his side.Rewards don't work. he hates it?

The dog has lived with 9 other dogs that slept in bed with the foster home. We don't want that. He is good when we are home house trained and lays…

ASKED BY Member 1215910 on 3/14/14
TAGGED crate, training, cries, yearolddog, rescuedog, sleptinbedbeforewithfosterhome IN Crate Training

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