Dosage per dog's weight of milk thistle and hawthorn listed here: http://www.dogster.com/dog-health-care/herbs-for-dogs?

Regarding the Dogster article at the link above: Has anyone been able to attain the dosages per dog's weight of any of the herbs that are to be…

ASKED BY Waffles on 8/12/11
TAGGED herbalremedies, milkthistle, hawthorncrataegus IN Medications


Has anyone ever heard of or used HomeoPet Travel Anxiety drops?

My puppy has been extremely anxious in the car, and we've been trying everything. He screams and cries from the minute the engine is turned on…

ASKED BY Tyler on 5/30/11
TAGGED travelling, remedies, behaviour, crying, whining IN Other Behavior & Training

Casanova's Bootleg Bully

Anyone tried bananas or peels for fleas?

my downstairs neighbors moved out wwith their 3 dogs.suddenly my dog is going nuts and scratching himself to near death.have bathed him and has…

ASKED BY Casanova's Bootleg Bully on 4/19/11
TAGGED fleas, bananas, natural, remedies IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Other natural remedies for dog lice?

I have two dogs that seem to have dog lice. I found small bugs on one of them that seem to match the description that I have found online. I've…

ASKED BY Brie on 5/3/10
TAGGED doglice, naturalremedies, lice, itchyskin IN Worms & Parasites


What are some home remedies for helping a dog stop itching?

My dog has outdoor and food allergies. Recently, the flowers and trees in our backyard starting blooming and ever since, he's just been an itching…

ASKED BY Buckeye on 4/4/10
TAGGED allergies, itchy, homeremedies IN Allergies

Guest Member Since

Maple isn't feeling so good today. Are there any home remedies for this?

Maple, my 5 year old Lab/Chow Chow mix, has thrown up 3 times today. Once in the morning after eating, in the mid afternoon and just a few hours…

ASKED BY Member 977595 on 3/26/10
TAGGED vomitting, homeremedies, sickness IN Alternative Treatments

THE ANGEL Maaaarilyn 5/20/10

Renal Disease?

I have renal disease (diagnosed a week ago) and have a hard time finding something good I want to to eat. MOM has tried everything and so far I…

ASKED BY THE ANGEL Maaaarilyn 5/20/10 on 3/16/10
TAGGED renaldisease, chronicrenaldisease, vomiting, homeopathicremedies, alternativetreatments IN Alternative Treatments

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