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I need advice/help with my 2.5 year old Akita?

My dog is my world. He's an almost 3 year old Akita and he's huge, weighing 155 lbs but totally fit and healthy. Anyways, I was a dog trainer for…

ASKED BY Member 1246088 on 5/2/15
TAGGED akita, children, biting, aggression, behavior, training, rehome, help IN Behavior & Training

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Urgent! My dog tried to attack me. Training? Rehoming? Euthanasia? Help?

My dog tried to attack me tonight. I was holding onto his collor, trying to get something from him, when he got extremely vicious. I've seen signs…

ASKED BY Member 1160770 on 5/12/14
TAGGED aggression, rehome, urgent, euthanasia, attack, trainers, redheelers, australiancattledog, dominance IN Aggression

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Can you rehome a dog that has bit? He's only 1?

My husband and I rescued our dog at just 9 weeks old and unfortunately over the past year he has bite over resource guarding issues with a bone. We no…

ASKED BY Member 1130907 on 9/15/12
TAGGED resource, guarding, rescue, foster, dog, bite, rehome, train IN Fostering a Pet

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Help! My 7 year old Pug bit my 2 1/2 year old on the cheek. Do I have to put him down or is there another solution?

We rescued our Pug about 2 years ago. He is very sweet, seems alittle shy with strangers but generaly nice mannered. He is food aggresive so I feed…

ASKED BY Member 1108595 on 5/1/12
TAGGED dogbites, children, rehome, euthanize, foodaggresion, spaceaggresion IN Behavior & Training

Captain Jack

Jack's breed?

Jack is a 5-times rehomed dog that we got from a friend. The last owners said he was a "Miniature Australian Shepherd." He really can be anything…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 2/5/09
TAGGED jack, miniature, mini, aussie, australianshepherd, mix, rehomed IN Mixed Breeds