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Does anyone know of a rescue organization that would take a 3 year old Australian Shepherd that has bit someone?

My mother has recently decided to put her australian shepherds (2, bro & sis) up for adoption. A couple was looking at the male dog and he bit one of…

ASKED BY Member 1116653 on 6/20/12
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Does anyone know of a rehabilitation center or facility for aggressive dogs...anywhere in the US that will take in dogs?

My mom has a very aggressive male 6 year old Shih Tzu. She doesn't want to put him down, though trainers she's spoken to suggest it. Right now he…

ASKED BY Lucy on 12/15/09
TAGGED aggression, center, facility, rehabilitation IN Behavior & Training


My 6 year old Dachshund just had back surgery. Need help on how to help her heal and use the bathroom?

We just got her back today. Everything went well but she still cant walk on her back legs. Is there a certain way we can help her use the…

ASKED BY Sadie on 1/31/09
TAGGED back, surgery, disc, rehabilitation, bathroom IN Health & Wellness


What would help rehabilitate a young boston terrier after being in a cast for 8 weeks with a broken leg?

Rocky was 4 mo. old when he fell and broke his leg. He walked and became use to walking around in a cast for eight weeks. We had the cast removed…

ASKED BY Rocky on 9/8/08
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Have you ever heard of an abuser mandated by a judge to attend dog training classes?

I'm curious as to the efficacy of such a program, and whether it helped the victim and/or abuser heal.

ASKED BY Member 612971 on 3/27/08
TAGGED legislation, rehabilitation, sentencing, training, abuse, abusers IN Laws & Legislation