Is there a way to verify a purebred and get papers, even if you did not get your dog from a breeder?

We have a purebred Red Heeler, but got her from a shelter.

ASKED BY Moo on 11/30/11
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Hi can you buy a kc registerd white boxer?

got chance to buy 1 but dident think you could kc register a white boxer,i dont want to pay a lot for him if he is not.

ASKED BY Member 1062512 on 10/10/11
TAGGED boxer, registration, white IN Boxer

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I got a ticket from the SPCA, now i need to get my dog registered and rabies shot, where can i do this?

also i need to do this befor i go to court on the matter..I dont want to take him(toby my dog) to the SPCA because he will freak out; thats where he…

ASKED BY Member 1021090 on 1/28/11
TAGGED spca, registration, rabies, court, locations IN Animal Welfare

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AKC and Puppy Mills?

I am interested in getting a french bulldog and have been doing a ton of research. One of the breeders I just talked to said she wont register with…

ASKED BY Member 984122 on 4/28/10
TAGGED akc, registration, frenchbulldogs, health, puppy IN Breeds

Las Rocosa  Zoegirl RN

Does anyone know if you can change your aussies name after you have already registered{{{in ASCA}}}?

I had a mistake(on my part) in registering my aussies ASCA full name. DO they allow you to change it? If so, what do i do? (I prefer to be…

ASKED BY Las Rocosa Zoegirl RN on 3/9/10
TAGGED asca, namechange, registry, registration IN Australian Shepherd

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Anyone have a Coupon code for Online AKC litter registration?

Hi there. My owner was about to register my 7 puppies with AKC. Does anyone have an unused coupon code for my litter registration that my mommy can…

ASKED BY Member 912191 on 11/7/09
TAGGED akc, registration, coupon, code, litter, puppy, puppies, reg IN Other Puppies


Does anyone have an unsused AKC coupon code?

I am looking for a AKC coupon code-will be happy to trade when I get my litter registration in the mail-it will undoubtingly have a coupon that's…

ASKED BY Meika on 7/18/09
TAGGED akc, registration, coupon, code, litter, puppy IN Other Puppies

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