Can you manage microchips from multiple companies with one account on any site?

All three of my dogs are from different backgrounds (rescued stray, adopted directly from another family, adopted from a rescue) and all of them…

ASKED BY Cairo on 5/26/14
TAGGED microchips, registration, multiple, petrecovery IN Adoption & Rescue


Is there a way to verify a purebred and get papers, even if you did not get your dog from a breeder?

We have a purebred Red Heeler, but got her from a shelter.

ASKED BY Moo on 11/30/11
TAGGED papers, registration IN Breeds

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Hi can you buy a kc registerd white boxer?

got chance to buy 1 but dident think you could kc register a white boxer,i dont want to pay a lot for him if he is not.

ASKED BY Member 1062512 on 10/10/11
TAGGED boxer, registration, white IN Boxer

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I got a ticket from the SPCA, now i need to get my dog registered and rabies shot, where can i do this?

also i need to do this befor i go to court on the matter..I dont want to take him(toby my dog) to the SPCA because he will freak out; thats where he…

ASKED BY Member 1021090 on 1/28/11
TAGGED spca, registration, rabies, court, locations IN Animal Welfare

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AKC and Puppy Mills?

I am interested in getting a french bulldog and have been doing a ton of research. One of the breeders I just talked to said she wont register with…

ASKED BY Member 984122 on 4/28/10
TAGGED akc, registration, frenchbulldogs, health, puppy IN Breeds

Las Rocosa  Zoegirl RN

Does anyone know if you can change your aussies name after you have already registered{{{in ASCA}}}?

I had a mistake(on my part) in registering my aussies ASCA full name. DO they allow you to change it? If so, what do i do? (I prefer to be…

ASKED BY Las Rocosa Zoegirl RN on 3/9/10
TAGGED asca, namechange, registry, registration IN Australian Shepherd

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Anyone have a Coupon code for Online AKC litter registration?

Hi there. My owner was about to register my 7 puppies with AKC. Does anyone have an unused coupon code for my litter registration that my mommy can…

ASKED BY Member 912191 on 11/7/09
TAGGED akc, registration, coupon, code, litter, puppy, puppies, reg IN Other Puppies

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