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My Mini Fox Terrier won't fetch or play with toys. Help?

I've had my boy since he was 4mo old. He's turning 5 yrs in September. He's very smart. He's obedient.. sits, lays down, stays, comes when called…

ASKED BY Member 1248019 on 6/12/15
TAGGED fetch, hunting, swimming, water, fear, confusion, pride, foxterrier, ratterrier, jackrussell, terrier, toys, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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My Rat Terrier is aggressive and hard to handle on walks- how do I train him?

My rat terrier is about 6 (he's a rescue) and he is aggressive and easily excitable. When I walk him it is impossible to enjoy it because he pulls…

ASKED BY Member 1211709 on 2/14/14
TAGGED ratterrier, walk, terrier, aggressive, train IN Behavior & Training

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Does anyone have a Pomerat?

I'd like to meet new friends who look like me!

ASKED BY Member 915376 on 7/22/13
TAGGED pomerat, pomeranian, ratterrier, hybrid IN Mixed Breeds

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I want to start showing my rat terrier in conformation and agility. How can I get information on dog shows near me?

I am new to the dog showing world so I don't know where to start as far as enlisting in a show.

ASKED BY Member 1121715 on 7/20/12
TAGGED dogshows, juniorhandler, ratterrier, information IN News & Events

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For no reason my rat terrier just peed on my bed,we have a new baby coming in a month and bought stuff for the baby?

we bought new stuff for the baby and she smells all the baby stuff and not sure if she is mad and upset or if something is wrong.she is 11yrs old…

ASKED BY Member 1109461 on 5/6/12
TAGGED ratterrier, peeingonbed IN Other Behavior & Training


How big is my toy rat terrier going to get?

When I got my boy I was told that both parents were about 10 pounds. He is now 16 weeks and weighs 6 pounds so I a starting to wonder how big he…

ASKED BY Boots on 2/24/12
TAGGED ratterrier, weight IN Health & Safety

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Boarding in/near Victorville, CA for Jack-Rat Terrier mix? Who is good? Thank you?

Need boarding in/near Victorville, CA for Jack-Rat terrier mix. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated

ASKED BY Member 1068203 on 11/3/11
TAGGED boarding, board, jackrussel, ratterrier, overnight IN Travel & Recreation

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My 10yr old Rat Terrier's back legs shake fairly violently after he runs and is standing still. Should I be worried?

He also frequently does a little hacking, throat clearing thing that I've never really understood. I'm starting to wonder if it's a warning sign.

ASKED BY Member 1043407 on 8/3/11
TAGGED ratterrier, legs, shaking IN Health & Wellness

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