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My boxer was spayed 6 months ago, but I recently noticed a rash ring around her scar?

It's an oval ring around the spay scar and the whole area is really red. It doesn't bother her when I touch it, but she may be licking the site. I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1243556 on 3/9/15
TAGGED spay, scar, rash IN Health & Wellness

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Itchy sharpei?

Hi my 4 year old sharpei has a terrible rash mainly on her belly and the insides of her legs. We have tried everything as she is looking very sore and…

ASKED BY Member 1237803 on 11/21/14
TAGGED rash, sharpei, itching, sore, allergy IN Health & Wellness


My belly is red and itchy?

Mom thought it was a good allergy so she changed my food. My belly is only itchy and red on the right side of my belly. I have been taking Benadryl…

ASKED BY Sammy on 11/6/13
TAGGED food, redrash, itches IN Other Food & Nutrition

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My 3 month old puppy has little red bumps in his ears?

They are on the inside of his ears, pretty much covering the whole surface. They seam to be bothering him quite a bit. Some have pimple like puss…

ASKED BY Member 1191003 on 9/21/13
TAGGED puppy, ears, rash, bumps, pimples, boxer, lab IN Health & Safety

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My normally sweet, good natured, well behaved 2 year old chiweenie has become a naughty bully. He has been getting into?

I thought maybe he was maybe being empathetic about what I was going thru, he is usually a very sensitive dog, but things are back to normal now…

ASKED BY Member 1156242 on 2/20/13
TAGGED behavior, charging, trash, jealousy, actingout IN Behavior & Training

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4 month old german shepherd puppy have rash around her vulva?

My 4 month old female german shepherd puppy is having a rash around her vulva. She licks it sometimes but not vigoriously. Also, when i groom her…

ASKED BY Member 1138621 on 11/1/12
TAGGED rash, puppy, vulva, germanshepherd, health IN Health & Wellness

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My Pitbull has a bumpy rash?

My 10 year old Pitbull has a bumpy red rash like thing on his back outer leg. It's flaky and the hair around and by the red part is gone. My mom…

ASKED BY Member 1137257 on 10/23/12
TAGGED pitbull, rash, mange, bumpy, red, flaky, hairloss IN Skin Problems


My dog has ringworm, now what?

I took my dog to the vet almost 3 weeks ago now for a black spot that seemed to appear quite suddenly. The vet gave me some pain meds and a topical…

ASKED BY Bailey on 9/2/12
TAGGED ringoworm, rash, irritation, skin IN Skin Problems

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