I cannot eat high quality foods?

Hi, my name is Punky and I am a very sensitive Boxer/Pit mix. My mommy has tried many different high end foods to deal with my allergies, and turns…

ASKED BY Punkin on 3/23/13
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Food for a picky 4 yo Bichon Frise ( dry or canned) (whic brands) ?

My 4 yo bichon frise is a fussy eater. I livein australia so aome of these brands may not be familiar to some of you We currently feed her on My…

ASKED BY Holly on 4/13/12
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This question is for people who feed Purina One?

I've tried different foods with my dog all those "organic" dog foods (None agree with her stomach and she doesn't like them.) So I was suggested to…

ASKED BY Ginger on 10/3/09
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