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10 months old lab pregnant?

So I have a few questions I could do with answering so her it goes!I have black lab Harvey just perfect 12 months old Couch potatoe but loves a good…

ASKED BY Member 1247412 on 5/31/15
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Hi my st bernard is 63 days pregnant and still not showing any sign of labor?

Hi my st bernard is 63 days pregnant from the last mating i.e on 20th feb and today is 24th april. She is still not showing any signs of labor, she is…

ASKED BY Member 1245677 on 4/23/15
TAGGED stbernard, pregnant, whelping IN Breeds

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Husky/Wolf Mix Pregnant Again?

4 months ago my husky/wolf mix gave birth to 5 puppies and today I woke up to my two dogs stuck together which happens to be the same way she got…

ASKED BY Member 1243393 on 3/6/15
TAGGED husky, pregnant, health IN Pregnancy

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Is my pug pregnant?

She has been in heat for about 3 weeks now and on the last week we let a friend watch her. The friend has dogs that she "said" are fixed and my dog…

ASKED BY Member 1231528 on 8/10/14
TAGGED pug, pregnant, heat, heatcycle, nipples, vulva, enlarged IN Pregnancy

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Is black cohoch a safe and efficient method for herbal induced abortion for my dog?

I have a 9 month old pup in her 1st heat who mated with her father! We have 2 concerns: Deformities from inbreeding,and her size and age. Shes still…

ASKED BY Member 1197595 on 11/4/13
TAGGED mate, accidentalmate, puppy, pregnant, youngpregnancy, abortion, herbalabortion, inbreed, heat, heatcycle, safe, dangerous IN Pregnancy

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My 5 pound toy Chi got hooked with a 20 pound min pin 54-55 days ago but she doesn't look pregnant?

She's gained a small amount of weight, but nothing like what I would think a preg would look like. Shouldn't I be able to tell by looking and feeling…

ASKED BY Member 1190325 on 9/17/13
TAGGED chi, chihuahua, pregnant, minpin, breeding IN Breeds C-F

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