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Can you bring a small non - service dog into Office Depot?

I have a small, 2 pound, white poodle. We have to go to Office Depot. Would she be allowed in there?

ASKED BY Member 999742 on 8/7/10
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I have a yorkie, I need some help on what to do about this itch she has but the vet gave her some pill but it is expensi?

I have taken her to the vet when her master was living but he passed in April 2010 and now I have to take care of her. When she itches she get raw…

ASKED BY Member 847944 on 6/23/10
TAGGED itching, rawplacesonbody IN Skin Problems


How old should my pup be to meet other dogs and go on walks?

I'm getting my new puppy soon as some of you know and I want to know when I should get my dog and my friends and families dogs to meet her. She's…

ASKED BY Enzo on 9/2/09
TAGGED outside, puppy, walks, places, newpuppy, afewweeksold, otherdogs, meeting IN Exercise & Play

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My dog is all of the sudden scared of certain places? How do I stop her fears?

I have a 1 year old pit bull mix. When at home, she is so happy and playful and cuddly! She started coming to work with me 6 months ago and was…

ASKED BY Member 840509 on 5/27/09
TAGGED scared, fear, certainplaces IN Behavior & Training


My dog is aggressive when he sees a single person or bicycle, but in a public place with many people he doesn't. why?

My dog has fear-aggression issues. I've worked with a trainer but am still having problems. I noticed that when I walk him, he is very anxious and…

ASKED BY Chewy on 2/15/09
TAGGED aggression, publicplaces IN Behavior & Training