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Will my pitt/rotti mix grow as big as a rotti?

Hi I recently got a pitt/rotti mix (though i cnt see the pit in her) i love her but i've been getting some crap about her lookin like a mongrel my…

ASKED BY Member 1249603 on 7/23/15
TAGGED breed, rotti, pittbull, pitweiler, puppy, grow, rottweiler IN Breeds

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My dog limps on his hind leg after i forced them apart?

i found my 6 month old male dog locked up with my 7 yr old female, after i forced them apart he has been limping pretty it possible for a dog…

ASKED BY Member 1146342 on 12/23/12
TAGGED pittbull, matinginjury IN Other Health & Wellness


Any guess on what mix breed he might be?

Any guess on what mix breed he might be? Hello- I'm just asking out of curiosity what everyone thinks my pup is? I plan on getting the mixed breed…

ASKED BY Lark on 11/17/11
TAGGED mutt, mixedbreed, mastiff, pitmix, pittbull, brindle, puppy IN Mixed Breeds

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Unruly American Pitt Bull causing havoc?

I have a 10 month old American Pittbull. When I first got him, every one told me it was a bad idea. We adopted him from an unloving home so I didnt…

ASKED BY Member 1059910 on 9/29/11
TAGGED behaviour, pittbull IN Behavior & Training

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Why is there a bulge on my dogs stomach area?

He is a male pittbull/bulldog. His rib area is not enlarged, the bulge starts more behind the ribs.?

ASKED BY Member 1020924 on 1/27/11
TAGGED stomach, enlarged, bulldog, pittbull, male IN Health & Wellness

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My dog knocked over a bicyclist by running up to her. What are my options? How do I keep it from happening again?

I opened the door and my dog pushed past me to go pee. She saw someone riding their bicycle and ran up to her, causing her to fall over. I got my…

ASKED BY Member 1006194 on 10/1/10
TAGGED pittbull, bicycle, knockover, help, report IN Laws & Legislation

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My pitt has an eye that wont open all the way. Could it something in his eye or something worse?

It looks like he is squinting and when I try to open the eye to look at it, it looks like it is rolling down and all I see the the top of the iris and…

ASKED BY Member 906457 on 10/30/09
TAGGED pittbull, health, eyeproblems IN Illness & Disease

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