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What is this huge red hard bump on my dogs leg?

This morning I noticed my 8 month old Aussie puppy licking just above his foot so about his ankle, I didnt see anything when I looked at it. But when…

ASKED BY Member 1200709 on 11/21/13
TAGGED boil, pimple, red, hard, swollen, licking, foot, leg, irritated IN Skin Problems

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My 3 month old puppy has little red bumps in his ears?

They are on the inside of his ears, pretty much covering the whole surface. They seam to be bothering him quite a bit. Some have pimple like puss…

ASKED BY Member 1191003 on 9/21/13
TAGGED puppy, ears, rash, bumps, pimples, boxer, lab IN Health & Safety

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Help! My dog has this pinkish growth near his mouth on his snout?

We thought it was just a wart or a bite at first. But it got worse, and it has thsi red stuff on top of it like blood, or dried blood. We searched…

ASKED BY Member 1115523 on 6/13/12
TAGGED cancertumordogcaninemastcellpimplegrowth IN Health & Wellness

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Dog has pink pimple on his snout about the size of a pea. What can I do?

ASKED BY Member 1071670 on 11/18/11
TAGGED pimple, snout IN Health & Wellness

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My 1 yr. old chihuahua has small bumps on ears and scratches alot both his on his ears and his back?

he also seems to be losing hair around eyes and at areas he scratches. i also have a 2 year old chihuahua(they are brothers with the same parents…

ASKED BY Member 1040462 on 7/10/11
TAGGED pimplelikebumpsonears, loseofhairaroundeyes, scratchesprofusely IN Skin Problems


Some one please help me!!!Blister like bumps under mouth on chin and around mouth on her mussle too.... please help?

have had my dog for 7 1/2 years she is my heart. The forth of july I noticed some bumps underneath her chin and around her upper lip (cheek). What I…

ASKED BY envey on 7/6/11
TAGGED redsores, bumps, mouthsores, blister, pimplelike, bloody, ulcer IN Skin Problems

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I have Shih Tzu that has a non-itchy rash.It looks like little red pimples all over that drain,dry up and scale?

My 9 yr old Shih Tzu has a rash with reddish pimples that drain and become scaley. It doesn't seem to itch. Her hair looks dull. She gets Omega 3…

ASKED BY Member 1025185 on 3/1/11
TAGGED nonitchy, pimples, scaley, wholebodyrash IN Skin Problems


Large Black heads on back and hips?

My mommy found a few large Blackhead like bumps on my back(near my spine) and hips. Daddy got the nice idea to try to pop them to see and a lot of…

ASKED BY Cheyenne on 6/2/10
TAGGED health, pimple, skin, fur, bumps IN Health & Wellness

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