My dog is a picky eater. HELP?

He is just maintaining his weight. Vet says he is perfectly healthy. He's a picky eater and sometimes he'd lose 2-5 pounds if he refuses to eat…

ASKED BY Drago on 10/22/13
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I have a very picky, overweight 5 yr old chi-weenie who REFUSES to eat dry kibble. Can anyone recommend a nutritious can?

I am at wit's end, and don't want him to be hungry....Also I have heard that can food is better than dry kibble because of the high protein low carb…

ASKED BY Member 1147884 on 1/2/13
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How do I get my dog to eat dog food?

I have a small dog that's 14mo old, and I started giving her chicken with her dry food early on so she'd eat it. Over time she stopped eating that, so…

ASKED BY Member 1101937 on 3/24/12
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Darwin, CGC

What food do you recommend for my picky eater?

Darwin is 1 year old, and he weighs about 40 pounds. He has always been a picky eater. Sometimes he will eat all of his food, sometimes he'll pick and…

ASKED BY Darwin, CGC on 3/13/11
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Zen and Karma

Thinking about going raw i have 2 boxers (one is 6 the other 3) they are both on solid gold millenia?

and have been for 2 yrs. their coats are shiny and allergies in check but ever since i put them on the 'bland diet' to cure their runs they've…

ASKED BY Zen and Karma on 8/3/10
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What do I do with my fussy eater? He is 18 mos old, an an extra-large ShihTzu weighing almost 19 pounds?

He has become increasingly picky over the last month or so. Seems totally healthy other than occasionally vomiting some bile and has not lost weight…

ASKED BY Doc on 4/15/10
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My senior dog with vestibular disease (periphrial) is not eating. He's not eating well. Can I give him baby food?

I've tried different flavors of canned food, cottage cheese and oatmeal. Of course the only thing he finished was the 3.0 ounce can of incredibly…

ASKED BY Member 860524 on 7/25/09
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In training my 9 month old to eat alone, my vet advised setting food out, but removing it after 30 mins if not eaten?

is this practice okay? she sniffs at the food, sweeps it to a side of the dish with her nose, sweeps the floor toward the dish with her nose, but…

ASKED BY Yipyip on 12/16/08
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