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How can I get my jack russell terrier to stop peeing in the house?

I have two jack Russell's. Both are male. One is 14 and very dominate. The other, Tyson is 6 and my problem child. As of lately, he keeps peeing all…

ASKED BY Member 1246984 6 days, 2 hours ago
TAGGED jrtpeeingbehaviortraining IN Separation Anxiety


Dog with seperation anxiety, peeing, help?

My dog is a beagle/lab mix I rescued her over a year ago. She has extreme separation anxiety and will cry and howl if I leave or am not in sight…

ASKED BY Lela on 4/1/15
TAGGED anxiety, dog, rescue, peeing, help, beagle IN Separation Anxiety

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Older dog peeing inside and a vision question?

My 9 year old mini poodle has been hiding and peeing in the kitchen when I turn my back. I take him outside quite often, but, he still goes in the…

ASKED BY Member 1242228 on 2/10/15
TAGGED peeing, visiontrouble, olderdog IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is pooping and peeing after she has already been outside?

My boyfriend's small breed (Russell/Chiuhuahua mix) dog has had an ongoing habit of sneaking off to defecate in private places, as far as we know…

ASKED BY Member 1238761 on 12/9/14
TAGGED pooping, peeing, outside, inside IN Dogs and a Clean Home

Daisy Mae

Why is my dog urinating in her own bed?

My teacup chihuahua is a little over a year old. She has been trained to potty outside and when I'm not home to go on a pee pad. She used to be…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 9/14/14
TAGGED peeing, urinating, peepads, pottypads, chihuahua IN Behavior & Training


My 20 month old Black Lab/Border Collie mix has 'cronic UTI,' what should I do?

This will be her third time going back to the Vet-she has just finished off a 2 week round of anti-biotics and BAM! It's back. I had a hunch that…

ASKED BY Lexx on 9/2/14
TAGGED utiinfectionurinarytractinfectionsickpeeinginhouseantibioticsreoccurringcronicdiseasekidneybloodcrystals IN Health & Wellness

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My Golden is having behavioral urinating problems, PLEASE HELP?

Connor Murphy, Golden retriever, spoiled brat, male, neutered. I got him when he was 3-4 months old, I already had a flat coat retriever (Female…

ASKED BY Member 1229813 on 7/20/14
TAGGED urinating, peeing, housespoiling, behaviors, jealous, dog, male, neutered IN House Soiling

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How do I get in touch with someone listed on a page offering to help?

A person offered to help with a behavior, how do I contact them?

ASKED BY Member 1228570 on 6/12/14
TAGGED peeing, cleaning, training IN House Soiling

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