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My friends dog has parvo. She got tested on Tuesday and was negative but on Wednesday night she showed signs?

She now has parvo.. Our dogs were together on Monday.. Does this mean my dog is at risk now? I know it travels threw feces but she didn't go to the…

ASKED BY Member 1156378 on 2/21/13
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Adopted a puppy "in good health" but now is at the hospital with parvo and worms... Now what?

I live in Wisconsin and the puppy was located in Minnesota. My boyfriend and I drove out there to pick him up. We met a girl at a pet co and gave…

ASKED BY Member 1150585 on 1/17/13
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My dog was diagnosed with parvo today. Is she on the road to recovery, she has no vomit or poop?

I took her to the vet after she showed symptoms of parvo, and she came back positive. She had a tiny bit of vomit this morning and really soft poop…

ASKED BY Member 1145279 on 12/14/12
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My puppy had parvovirus what can I do to help her recover?

My 5 month old puppy Ella just recently had parvovirus. I took her to the vet and she stayed there on a drip for a few nights. I brought her home…

ASKED BY Ella on 10/31/12
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Husky with parvo :(?

I recently got a husky 4 month ago. She is now 5 1/2 months old. For the past two days I've been noticing that she didn't want to eat much, but I knew…

ASKED BY Member 1137659 on 10/25/12
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Day 1 my puppy threw up a piece of bone she ate, we know she threw up the whole piece, we checked.Very sick & lethargic?

After she threw up the bone, she continued to have diarrhea & vomit until there was nothing left. Whenever she drank water, she would vomit the…

ASKED BY Member 1104604 on 4/7/12
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Mr Magoo

M baby magoo, had parvo when he was 6months old. It took almost 2 months but he recovered. Now every spring he has the b?

Ive seen my vet that my family has had for 30yrs they think Im crazy they say theres noway Magoo can keep getting parvo, hes recovered from it when he…

ASKED BY Mr Magoo on 3/12/12
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How long does it take for a puppy to catch parvo, and is it contagious to older dogs?

I just got a 2 month old puppy less than 5 days ago from a local petstore, and now he is hospitlized from parvo. I bought him from the store on a…

ASKED BY Member 1087235 on 1/25/12
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