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What is my 14 wk old doxie?

The breeder said our new doxie was a mini. On closer questioning a few days later, breeder says our new babies grandmother (Maternal) was standard sz…

ASKED BY Maizy Grace on 1/15/13
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So my siblings and I want a dog, how do i convince my parents?

My mom wants to say yes, but my step-father so dislikes the idea of a dog that she says no. We have done a program where you take home a puppy for 5…

ASKED BY Member 933090 on 12/26/09
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My parents hardly care about my dog?

READ. My parents, especially my mom, hardly care about my dog! To my mom he means almost nothing.Well she cares just enough to cook for him but that's…

ASKED BY Member 857182 on 8/15/09
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I really want a shelter dog, but my parents aren't so keen on the idea, any suggestions?

Hey Dogster! My family and I are going to be getting a dog soon, and I've done tons of research and this is NOT an impulse buy, but my problem is…

ASKED BY Member 762235 on 3/8/09
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