Help! I can't add photos or pets pages?

I was having trouble adding/managing photos on my dog's page. So I gave up and deleted the page. Now I can't add a new dog! Ughhhhh please help me!

ASKED BY Kitty on 6/6/15
TAGGED dogpage, troubleshooting, addphotos IN Pet Page

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Hi! I just signed-up, & the question on the "Edit Profile" page has me confused?

Hi! My User Name is "Nuts4Mutts4Ever", but there is a pink bar below it that says that I have to add a NUMBER---my 'user name already has two "4"s…

ASKED BY Member 1146043 on 12/20/12
TAGGED whatnumberamisupposedtoaddontheusernamespaceontheeditprofilepage IN My Account

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I created a profile page for my dog. When I logging I cannot find him on my account. What I should do?

Somewhere I found that I need to add him to "my corral." I don't know where that option is and/or how can I do it.

ASKED BY Member 1083351 on 1/10/12
TAGGED dog, profile, corral, page IN Pet Page

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I am unable to change the colour of the navigation buttons on my page?

I have always been able to do this. Now when I attempt it, nothing happens. Is it me or is it Dogster? Anyone?

ASKED BY Member 778468 on 1/7/12
TAGGED profilepagenavigationbuttons IN Pet Page

Mikey *adopted*

How do I add info about my adoptable dog?

I'm fostering a sweet Beagle and I thought making her a dogster page might help her get adopted. If you click on "Adoption" in the tabs above, it…

ASKED BY Mikey *adopted* on 12/9/11
TAGGED adoption, petfinder, beagle, page, help IN The Dogster Website


Votes On Pet Pages?

How do you get "Votes" on your page(you know, where it has five red paws and says something like"*paw*paw*paw*paw*paw*"By so-many voters")? I've…

ASKED BY Cricket on 10/10/11
TAGGED how, do, you, get, votes, on, yur, pet, page IN Pet Page

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