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My girlfriend is moving across the state, Can I get back the dog from her that was first legally mine?

Okay, here's the deal. My girlfriend and I got a pup about two years ago together. I was the one who bought it, who put it in my name.. everything. We…

ASKED BY Member 1117497 on 6/25/12
TAGGED law, ownership IN Laws & Legislation


What are some important questions to ask?

We are finally getting Daisy tomorrow... What are some important questions to ask her current owners?

ASKED BY Daisy on 3/11/12
TAGGED daisy, dachshund, questions, currentowners IN Bringing Your Pet Home


What are some ways to control incessant dog barking at residential dog park?

how can owners be held accountable for poor dog park ettiquette by not attempting to minimize their dog's incessant and persistent barking…

ASKED BY Amos on 9/19/11
TAGGED dogpark, incessantbarking, dogparkettiquette, residentialneighborhood, responsibledogownership, courteoustoneighbors IN U.S. New England

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Our pooch constantly likes to lick our faces, nose etc.Sometimes for minutes at a time if we let him. Why does he do thi?

Max is a rescue dog. He doesn't seem to lick anything else abnormally. He's very affectionate. Small mix breed, 13 lbs. He has an overbite. It's…

ASKED BY Member 1035417 on 5/30/11
TAGGED lickingownersface, constantly IN Behavior & Training


Does your owner have a planet cazmo and a club penguin or a neopet?

If you do have a Planet cazmo, club penguin, neopet, webkinz, youtube, Gaia, or something answer this question and leave a comment on my blog or be my…

ASKED BY Rocco on 7/7/09
TAGGED planetcazmo, dogs, web, username, pets, owners, computer, neopets, webkinz, cats, people, you, youtube, anythingelse, clubpenguin, dogster, gaia, blogs, skype, chat, comments, clubs, page, me, georgia, usa, puppys, lotsmore, toys, bath, food, yorkie IN Web

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My neighbors dog gets out constantly. I brought her in so she wouldn't get run over?

When i first talked to my neighbor she said i should just pick her up and put her back in the yard with her other 2 dogs. I tried the first day and…

ASKED BY Member 822834 on 4/3/09
TAGGED runawayseemsmoreattachedthantoowners IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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How to legaly romove my dog from a family member who was supposed to have for only a few days?

I won a 3 lb Maltes that my mom kept in her house for me until I found a new place to live. Mom became ill and and I became care giver for 7…

ASKED BY Member 786460 on 1/2/09
TAGGED ownership, welfareofthedog IN Other Laws & Legislation


Was it wrong of me to get upset about the way another dog owner was treating my dog?

I went to a barbecue at my neighbor's house yesterday. My neighbor and I share a fence because we both have always had dogs who love to play…

ASKED BY Linus on 8/17/08
TAGGED owners, training, socialization IN Methods of Training

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