How do I get my puppy to go outside without me out there with him?

I have a 12 week old puppy, he never wants to be too far away from me, he was a rescue and didn't have any other puppies around. I can't get him to…

ASKED BY Dean on 9/16/15
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How hot is 2 hot 4 my dog 2 be outside? I live in Palm Springs, CA & midsummer temps have come early. Dog wants to b out?

I adopted a cairn terrier from an animal shelter on Feb. 28. He is so mellow for a terrier, doesn't bark, howls once in awhile and is all around…

ASKED BY Member 1248671 on 6/28/15
TAGGED cairnterrier, outsidedogs IN Health & Wellness

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Dog too stressed to go outside?

I have a 5yo mini dach and I love her to death, had her since she was a puppy but at my parents house. They had a big backyard with little traffic…

ASKED BY Member 1247148 on 5/25/15
TAGGED anxiety, behavior, barking, elimination, outsidenoises, minidachshund, dachshund IN Fears & Phobias

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My dog is pooping and peeing after she has already been outside?

My boyfriend's small breed (Russell/Chiuhuahua mix) dog has had an ongoing habit of sneaking off to defecate in private places, as far as we know…

ASKED BY Member 1238761 on 12/9/14
TAGGED pooping, peeing, outside, inside IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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How can I get my Chihuahua to stop going potty on our carpet?

We have a Chihuahua who's 6 months old and we have had him since he was 2 months old. At first we was only having a few accidents inside as it was…

ASKED BY Member 1226059 on 5/10/14
TAGGED pottytraining, peepad, outside IN Behavior & Training

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Teaching my skiddish 10 yr-old toy poodle to a ring bell to go outside. How do I teach him to not be afraid of the bell?

He is afraid to touch the bells with both his nose or paw. He knows how to sit and "shake" (raises his paw) and I've also seen him nudging his treat…

ASKED BY Member 1207774 on 1/5/14
TAGGED bell, outside, training, potty IN Behavior & Training

Lily Anne Grace

I don't have a yard and am wondering if I could use a long line leash to let my dogs play outside?

I live an apartment with 3 small dogs and have access to a courtyard but it's not completely fenced and is next to a busy road. My dogs love to play…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 10/24/13
TAGGED longline, offleash, play, outside, dogs IN Exercise

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My dog likes to ruin his beds. He scratches and digs on anything I give him for bedding. Winter is coming,he needs warm?

He will be spending the winter outside during the day. He always ruins anything soft, so I haven't given him anything for awhile. Is there a way…

ASKED BY Member 1195648 on 10/22/13
TAGGED bed, ruin, outside IN Behavior & Training

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