4 month old Chow Chow / Jap Spitz tries to lunge and scratch our new 2 month old shih tzu?

chow is female shih tzu is male I introduced them first after i fed the chow. Since the shih tzu is so small i have my bro held him so i can…

ASKED BY Nami on 10/7/12
TAGGED newpup, oldpup IN Behavior & Training

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Craigslist Fredericksburg, IN.Selling their 4 week old puppy.just got it now they don't want it!This is not my dog.HELP?

I just saw this ad below on craigslist. I think 4 weeks is too young to taken away from its mom. They have already had it seems like. and their…

ASKED BY Member 1123799 on 8/2/12
TAGGED weekoldpuppyneedshelptakenawayfrommomtoosoon IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Day 1 my puppy threw up a piece of bone she ate, we know she threw up the whole piece, we checked.Very sick & lethargic?

After she threw up the bone, she continued to have diarrhea & vomit until there was nothing left. Whenever she drank water, she would vomit the…

ASKED BY Member 1104604 on 4/7/12
TAGGED bloodydiarrhea, vomiting, lethargic, bone, ticks, parvovirus, vet, sick, montholdpuppy IN Mixed Breeds

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2 week old puppy with red and swollen vulva?

This morning, after feeding my 2 week old boxer puppy, I noticed she had a very swollen and red vulva. She was fine last night. I've been watching her…

ASKED BY Member 1040010 on 7/7/11
TAGGED weekoldpuppy, redswollenvulva, vulvainfection, weekoldboxerpuppy IN Other Health & Wellness

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How should I get my puppy to sleep for longer periods at night?

My boyfriend and I just adopted a little lab mix girl. She is 6 weeks old and was not cared for very well at the shelter we got her from.She is very…

ASKED BY Member 1012107 on 11/16/10
TAGGED sleeptime, behavior, eating, weekoldpup, cratetraining, lonely IN Other Behavior & Training

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Y wont my one puppy/5 stop screaming!? i cant sleep and the rest are quiet. she screams CONSTANTLY! not sick or hungry?

i have a litter of 5. they are all well good puppies acept this one pup screams like someone is killing her CONSTaNTLY! when she eats, plays, and…

ASKED BY Member 930997 on 12/17/09
TAGGED screamingpuppy, weeksoldpuppy, puppy, saintbernard, femalepuppy IN Behavior & Training

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Can you suggest anything for me to do to help my puppy? it is a long explination can I email it?

symptoms: inability to turn head, blindness, listlessness, extra salvation, collapsing front end locking back end, unusual liver enzymes in bloodwork…

ASKED BY Member 796880 on 1/25/09
TAGGED verysickwkoldpuppy IN Illness & Disease

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