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Teach an old dog to come when called?

I adopted an 11 year old schipperke who has a lot of energy and is VERY responsive to treats. She's so responsive that if I have any in my pocket or…

ASKED BY Member 1233560 on 9/7/14
TAGGED train, come, olddog IN Methods of Training


Caring for a dog with heart murmur?

My girl was diagnosed with a grade III heart murmur, due to the heartworms she had when she was two. She loves going out for walks, should I…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 5/30/14
TAGGED senior, heart, heartmurmur, dog, exercise, heartproblems, olddoggie, girl IN Senior Pet

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My dog doesn't like his crate he cries the entire night in it even when I am by his side.Rewards don't work. he hates it?

The dog has lived with 9 other dogs that slept in bed with the foster home. We don't want that. He is good when we are home house trained and lays…

ASKED BY Member 1215910 on 3/14/14
TAGGED crate, training, cries, yearolddog, rescuedog, sleptinbedbeforewithfosterhome IN Crate Training

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Is my 15 year old dog's behavior appropriate with a new puppy?

Yesterday I just got an 8 week y/o queensland heeler pup & introduced her to my 15 year old mutt, midnight. midnight doesn't seem to hate her or lover…

ASKED BY Member 1178775 on 7/6/13
TAGGED puppy, olddog, introducing, whining, whimpering IN Puppies


I have a 10 year old Shih Tzu that still uses our floors as a giant toilet?

I have a 10 year old Shih Tzu who was house trained when he was young. Here and there he would have accidents in the house, but only when we leave for…

ASKED BY Shelby on 5/23/13
TAGGED housetrainingolddogs IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is almost a year old. There's this one toy that she loves and when it's in her mouth she cries a lot?

When it's missing she shakes and cries a lot. Please help! What am I supposed to do?

ASKED BY Member 1143062 on 11/30/12
TAGGED montholddogpuppy, toys, whining, behavior, help IN Separation Anxiety

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Should I neuter my old dog with enlarged testicle. Will neutering allow him to live longer?

My 15 year old unaltered male dog went to the vet today and she said one of his testicles is much larger than the other and it's is harder than…

ASKED BY Member 1138983 on 11/4/12
TAGGED enlargedtesticle, olddog, neutering, cancer IN Senior Pet

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