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Raw feeding + questions - 2 of 2?

...filler. It seems to slow down their metabolism & they're not as hungry throughout the day. Yea? Nay? 4) I've given them venison and though they…

ASKED BY Member 1080545 on 12/29/11
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Has anyone heard of the vitamins Nuvet? And steadfast? If so does anyone recommend them?

I'm planning on getting Nuvet & or Steadfast vitamins for my dogs but want some real life input from people? Anyone use either one of these products…

ASKED BY Hannibal on 9/14/09
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Miss Priss

Tear stains : Do any of you use Fish Zole ??? From Pet nurse Marie..…

I don't use Angel Eyes because it is Very costly and a long - term Low grade Antibiotic... Here is some info on Fish Zole - Do you use…

ASKED BY Miss Priss on 4/9/09
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Miss Priss

NuVET Testimonials? Anyone use the product - I would like to add to my list of reviews... thanks Marie?

NuVET is sold thru Holistic vets and some kennels... I have had great luck with it ...HOW have you done with the NuVET product? Good or bad, let…

ASKED BY Miss Priss on 2/9/09
TAGGED nuvetplusnuvetvitaminsnuvetreviews IN Allergies