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I ran to the room and saw 1 pup on the floor. Im worried she got an injury. Help?

I have three 9wk old yorkie pups, I left them sleeping on the bed, went out the room just to get water and return just as quick as I can but as I…

ASKED BY Member 1245831 on 4/27/15
TAGGED injury, yorkie, puppy IN Emergencies & First Aid

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What can I do to discourage my puppy from being so active in the house while he is recovering from leg injury?

My puppy, of almost a year old, hurt his hind leg, playing fetch and slipping. The vet prescribed him NSAID and rest - No jumping around or walking…

ASKED BY Member 1230938 on 3/30/15
TAGGED injury, hyper, discourage, movement, acl, excercise, rest IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Cage free dog boarding NJ isn't for every dog, since some don't do well in group situations?

Traditional kennel style boarding has been around for some time, but a new development in boarding that is growing in popularity, is called cage…

ASKED BY Member 1236535 on 10/30/14
TAGGED cagefreedogboardingnj, dogboardingnj IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Why Is German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Limping?

My dog recently (about 20 minutes ago) started limping. We noticed when we first got her that when she runs too much, she often limps very…

ASKED BY Weezie on 9/8/14
TAGGED injury, leg, limping IN Emergencies & First Aid

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URGENT!! Puppy aggressive to my older dog, had her for over year... Fighting is and issue and hurt my dad badly?

Hi, I have two dogs (girl rescues). One is about 7 and the other 1.5. The older one is a docile border collie mix, the other probably pit bull and…

ASKED BY Member 1228612 on 6/12/14
TAGGED help, urgent, dangerous, biting, dominant, aggressive, puppy, relocation, home, injury, problem, serious IN Behavior & Training

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I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what my dog might be?

I have had him for about three months. He is liver colored with stick up ears, white chest, a curly tail, double coat and weighs about 40 pounds…

ASKED BY Member 1226599 on 5/13/14
TAGGED pharaoh, basenji, mixed IN Mixed Breeds

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