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What do I need to know about an English bulldog who has no background info? He is huge 140 pounds and massive?

Me and my family were looking to foster a dog and through a friend of a friend ended up taking in an animal that we have little history on. He is a…

ASKED BY Member 1239413 on 12/21/14
TAGGED help, newdog, rookies, aggression IN Adoption & Rescue


Should I get a staffy or british bulldog?

I want both dogs but I only have enough money for one I have 4 other dogs all cavies 1 week old puppies cats(11) kids age 7 9 and 10 pigs horses sheep…

ASKED BY Poppy on 10/22/14
TAGGED newdogs, britishbulldog, staffy, puppy IN Other Puppies


How can I get my dog to get along better with my friends new rescue dog?

I have a 5yr 75lb Boxer/Bulldog that is great with a lot of dogs and my friend just adopted a dog(45lb German Shep./Lab) from the rescue shelter…

ASKED BY Cooper on 10/16/13
TAGGED play, socialization, newdog, lunging, rescuedog, rescue IN Aggression

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We lost our family dog Lady this past Sunday to bloat. She was a 5 year old Rottweiler mix and we all miss her terribly?

We plan to get another dog in the near furure. Just not sure what us tio soon.

ASKED BY Member 1180020 on 7/12/13
TAGGED death, newdog IN Loss of a Pet

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We are getting a 2 year old mini dachshund from a friend. How do we make sure he takes well to our family?

There are a few problems I feel we may have.. For one we broght him home yesterday and he decided to jump off the back of our couch... our couch is…

ASKED BY Member 1133684 on 10/1/12
TAGGED newdog, abused IN Behavior & Training


My dog is potty trained, but has been defecating in the house lately, what do I do?

We a medium sized 1.5 year old mixed breed a couple months ago, and he had only had one accident since we got him. However, this past weekend, we left…

ASKED BY Levon on 7/30/12
TAGGED bathroom, newdog, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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Exercising high-energy breeds in a suburban home?

I'm interested in adopting a Jack Russell, but I live in a suburban home - not the country. What are your suggestions for exercising him/her? We…

ASKED BY Member 1105416 on 4/11/12
TAGGED jackrussell, exercise, highenergy, newdog, jogging IN Adoption & Rescue

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Introducing a new little dog to an older dog in the house.…

I just added a little 3yr old Yorkie to my family. I already had a 5yr old hound mix and things seem to be going well except a few behaviors I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1095774 on 2/27/12
TAGGED introducingnewdog, aggressivebehavior, socializing IN Aggression

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