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My dog killed the neighbor's dog, but his owner is still searching for him -- what should I do about it? Also, what should we do w/ our dog now? :(?

Alright, sorry for rambling like this, i came here not only to ask for some advice but also b/c i feel i need to get some things from out of my chest…

ASKED BY Member 1224509 on 5/2/14
TAGGED lab, labrador, killed, neighbor, dog, canine, advice, help, aggression, death, bite, shelter IN Aggression


Loose neighbor dogs?

I have been recently been walking my dog down my street to a park everyday. My neighbor has an unfenced yard. The neighbor stopped me one day to ask…

ASKED BY Chester on 4/12/14
TAGGED neighbors, dogs, loose, problem IN Laws & Legislation

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Looking for dogs friendly neighborhood in Marco Island?

Hi, We are moving from Brazil to Marco Island with 3 dogs!!! We also are Looking for dogs friendly neighborhood in Marco Island. Can You help us…

ASKED BY Member 1221316 on 4/9/14
TAGGED dogsfriendlyneighborhoodtolive IN Other Travel & Recreation

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I have a neighbor who continually feeds my dog cooked chicken bones! What do I do?

I have asked her multiple times to not do it & informed her of the dangers. Yet, just yesterday I caught her doing it again?! I'm wondering if there…

ASKED BY Member 1196708 on 10/29/13
TAGGED neighbor, feeding, chickenbones IN Laws & Legislation


Is it illegal to allow my dog to poop?

My elderly mother(DVM) and her likewise elderly dog, Golden, were cussed out by a neighbor who suspected the dog was currently pooping on his yard…

ASKED BY Golden on 3/4/13
TAGGED neighborneighborslawlawsaggressionaggressiveyardyards IN Other Laws & Legislation

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My neighbor said they would love to shoot my dog because he barks to much? Tonight someone shot him with a pellet gun?

Dog is a 8 month old Walker Hound, I have a 6" fence around two city lots in my back yard where the dogs go out for a few hours at a time when nobody…

ASKED BY Member 1153005 on 2/1/13
TAGGED hound, shot, neighbor, bark, pellet, gun, police IN Laws & Legislation

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My neighbor is abusing our dog, how can I keep her safe?

It has come to our attention that the neighbor we share our back fence with has been abusive to our dog when we are not home. This weekend he tore out…

ASKED BY Member 1108411 on 4/30/12
TAGGED neighbor, abuse, police IN Laws & Legislation


What are some ways to control incessant dog barking at residential dog park?

how can owners be held accountable for poor dog park ettiquette by not attempting to minimize their dog's incessant and persistent barking…

ASKED BY Amos on 9/19/11
TAGGED dogpark, incessantbarking, dogparkettiquette, residentialneighborhood, responsibledogownership, courteoustoneighbors IN U.S. New England

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